Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bear is transfered, sort of.

Bear learned last week that the two rental stores here in town are merging into one. He will be going to the new one. Some of the people are being transfered out to fort smith and Clarksville. I'm relieved. I've relieved bear is not one of. I can't tell you how many times he gets a job that pays good that he likes and then the company either closes or they decide to transfer him somewhere else. I will never forget when he worked for Sonic and they transfered him to Morrilton. They said "Oh yeah will pay for your gas. We always pay for managers gas." Then they canceled the gas allowance a month later for all managers because it was getting to expensive. He was spending 500 dollars a month to drive an SUV back and forth 6 days a week. The good news about this new store is not only is it bigger but its closer as well and when I need him to pick up milk or something from the store on the way home he doesn't even have to drive anywhere. He can just walk next door.


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