Friday, December 14, 2007

Business has been steady. I'm behind on the telecommunications work again. I can never seem to stay caught up on it. There is always to much that has to be done in other areas. Fortunately it only accounts for about 150 dollars worth of my monthly income. I would let it go but its a comfort to have it there because there is always work to be done.

I've had a cold the past few days. I've been so miserable that the last two nights I didn't bother to go outside and turn off the Christmas light. I'm getting back to that tonight though. It runs up our electric bill to much when there on. It's been lower lately. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that most of the lights in the house have been replaced with those new LED lights or not. We have managed to keep the heat a lot lower this year. I keep at it 70 degrees during the day and 68 at night when we all go to sleep.

Were expecting snow flurries today, tonight, or tomorrow. So they say anyway. It's not going to be anything worth worrying about much to Bears disappointment.


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