Sunday, December 30, 2007

Condos on the Lake

There building some new condos here on the lake. They are the first type of structure to be built on the lake. There aren't even any hotels on the lake. Well, there I one but its in a shallow cove near I40. You could never dream of getting any kind of boat in there.

I'm really curious to see what they look like and if there for rent or for sale. Theres only one group of condos for sale in town or at least that go on sale. I think there 100k now and in a gated community at the bottom of skyline mountain. I can't tell if these are going to be for sale or not. I suspect they will be rentals. I have no interest in condo living. I've only lived in a condo once and I hated it. I like taking care of my own yard and I hated having neighbors that close. I still want to see what they look like


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