Friday, December 07, 2007


A fairytale city, thats what Dubai is, at least it will be when construction is completed. A gleaming jewel of ultra modern buildings shining like blue topaz in the burning sands of the desert. If you do a Google search you will find computer animated pictures of buildings so incredible they look like they came out of some fantasy romance novel. Thats what they make me think of anyway. Many of the buildings are under construction at the moment and probably will be for some time.

Dubai City is located in the Emirate of Dubai, within The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a wealthy oil producing nation bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman with excellent relations with the west. Right now its the planet's biggest construction site and is currently yielding the world's largest per capita concentration of cranes and is Caterpillar's biggest customer. Its landmarks include the Burj Al Arab, the worlds first seven star hotel. Dubai hosts over 50 major projects, all with sub projects that each dwarf almost anything we can conceive: a Manhattan-sized palm tree shaped peninsula visible from space, 300 man made islands in the shape of the Earth, the world's tallest tower, tallest residential tower, largest airport and a dozen cities within a city, each with tax free treatment, infrastructure and special benefits for international corporations. The city has attracted Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, Reuters, Virgin Airways, Donald Trump and Martha Stewart.

Even though there is still a lot under construction this would definitly be a place worth visiting. I've heard there is a mall there that has a ski slope with a ski lift in it and an endless amount of luxury hotels for you to stay in including one that was designed to look like a billowing sail. If you go to Dubai you will find and endless amount of vacation rentals in the form of Dubai apartments, Dubai Hotels, and Dubai hotel apartments. Dubai is the biggest short term rental portal in Dubai with over 120 self catering properties.


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Go take a look. I have you listed now on my blog roll... I have you on the list to include, cause I always read you. You werent there before because I wasn't finished and your a W (giggle) I have about 90 blogs to list Whew.

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my goodness 90!!!! Wow. lol. thank-you for the link. I figured you were going too. i was just giving you a hard time ;)

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