Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm not as fat as I thought.

I have continued to diet. I even started a dieting blog. I looked into that lap band surgery because it's done the Orthoscopic way. That is where they put little cameras inside you and do the whole surgery like that without ever having to make an incision. I do not qualify for this surgery. My Body Mass Index is 26 and thats just barely overweight so even though I feel like I am very fat I am really not that fat at all. I could loose less than 10 pounds and be considered a healthy body weight.

Knowing that does make me feel better but not that much better. My husband would qualify for it but I am not sure he should have it. He doesn't have a lot of self control and there are things you're not allowed to eat after having the surgery and I know he would end up eating to much food and end up nearly killing himself in the process.

The lap band is a band thats fastened around the stomach making it smaller. Its like stomach stapling only a lot less invasive with a much much shorter recovery time. If your interested in lap band los angeles you should check out the website Journey


Blogger CAP said...

Thank you for contributing to Fitness for Moms Carnival. I think it's always important to fully research any procedures, but especially, your attitude and life habits.

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