Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Nursing Homes

There was an old woman at my husbands church that died recently. She was thought of as "everyones" grandma. I don't know why they were allowing a 92 year old woman to live alone. Her kids noticed during the summer that she was clumsier than usual and had fallen a few times. Last week she walked onto her back porch to enjoy the cool morning air and fell down the steps. She hit her head and fell face down. She drowned in her own blood. I don't know why she was living alone at that age and with people knowing she had had a problem with falling. I guess no one ever thinks that something like that could happen. I'm sure that they didn't want to think about nursing homes but if she wasn't going to move in with anyone and no one was going to stay with her they probably should have considered it. She might be alive now if they did. Better is a site that can inform people who may be putting there parents into a nursing home of what choices they have and about the different nursing homes. This way you wouldn't have to be concerned about neglect or abuse.


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