Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have been so sick and miserable these past few days. I have a nasty cold. It seems to be getting better. I've been taking my herbal cold medicine and its working pretty well. I actually didn't start taking it until yesterday because I was sure I would get better on my own, but I didn't. Its made with mullein leaf, echinacea leaf, onion, and black cherry bark. I made a tincture with it during the summer. I am getting better. My cough is getting looser.

Unfortunately a few days ago my sore throat turned into an ear infection and that put enough pressure on my eardrum while I as asleep to rupture it. At least I think thats what happened. I can't look into my own ear but I did look up the symptoms online. Pain and pressure and then sudden relief of these is one. The other is a bleeding and my ear was bloody the morning after. Then there is the constant ringing sound. Thats annoying. I already read that this has to get better on its own and it can take two months so I won't be going to the doctor until after the insurance goes into effect at the first of the year. I think it would be wise to have it checked and make sure at that point. It doesn't hurt. It hasn't hurt since the night I got the initial ear infection. The day after it happened it felt a little sore and raw inside. Kind of the way your palm might feel if you fell down and skinned it but theres nothing at all now. The only thing that really bothers me is the constant ringing.


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