Monday, December 03, 2007 is having an All I want for Christmas Giveaway give away. It starts today day. Well I guess its nearly the 4th now so I guess I should say it started yesterday. Every day on you have a chance to win your favorite gifts! You can enter to win a A-Grand-A-Day $50,000 Giveaway also. has all sorts of things to look at at overstock clearance prices.

For example I desperately need a new Duvet cover. I got so fed up with my worn out over bleached hole riddles duvet cover I just threw it away and started using. They have a white on white Satin one king size for 39.99 dollars. Unfortunately Satin and cats aren't a good combination. I found one identical to the one I have now for 75 dollars and some other cotton ones for over 100 dollars.

I also love there worldstock handcrafted section since I like the look of exotic jewelry, furniture, and clothing.


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