Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poker Odds Calculators

My husband loves to play those online poker games. At least he used to. he doesn't play them anymore because people are using those poker calculator things. he hasn't found one he can use and he feels they give the other players an unfair advantage over him so he stopped. Essentially they are poker odds calculators, specifically holdem calculators. I think that its cool that people are able to create programs that do that sort of thing.


Blogger EarthCitizen #23 'Scott' said...

This comment will be off subject, sorry, but had to thank you for your post on my blog. Yes, that is my sisters ex. and thanks for the intuitive confirmation, I agree totally.
I like your blog, and love the fact that you will be building with earth bags, I researched them myself so will love to know how that works for you, hopefully well!
again, thanks for coming over ,

8:56 PM  

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