Thursday, January 31, 2008

This sucks

Well were going on day 3 without power. Its the end of the month so the quota that I would have already had is not done yet. I have 60 left to go and now the damn server crashes and I can't get back in. I would have them done already but this time of the month people are trying to get them all in and there fighting over them like dogs fighting over a scrap of meat. I"ve been going to coffee shops and restaurants with the lap top and using there internet when ever i can but a lot of them lost power as well

Monday, January 28, 2008

Have you ever worn a corset? I haven't. They don't look like they would be very comfortable. I've read about them however and some women claim that sexy corsets are more comfortable than regular bra's. I would like the opportunity too find that out one of these days. You can find corsets for sale all over the internet. You can even find instructions for making them.

Books Books Books

This time when I went to pick up used books I concentrated more on paperbacks instead of hard covers. I like hard covers and prefer them or anything I am reading but paperbacks made more sense at this point in time for me. Hardbacks (unless I'm buying them at a garage sale) and usually 1 dollar each and paperbacks I can get for 25 to 50 cents each. There also cheaper to ship because they don't weigh as much. When it comes to reselling them they seem to sell for practically the same pricer. I managed to get 28 of them today and I have another place to visit on Monday. I hope to add another 30.

Great Big Stuff

There is a website called that has a lot of really cool fun novelty stuff on it it. Its all regular items that have been over sized. Its all the sort of stuff you might put into a rec room or a game room or something like that. You will find things like gallon sized tea cups, giant chess sets, giant tooth brushes. I think I even say a giant sushie roll. They can add custom gift messages to anything you order free as well. This is the sort of thing bear would think is really cool. I better not show it to him, lol.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The end of a week

OOOh man migraines suck really bad!!!! I'm watching that movie Terabithia as I write this. I read the book when I was a kid. I was younger than Coyote is now. I read all of the time though. Our cold spell finally seems to be over. Maybe soo I go can start getting out of those house a little more regularly. I sold plenty of books with week to keep me happy as well as plenty of ads on my blogs. I even started three new ones. Now maybe I will find time to work on them.

Bear has gone a long long time without a cigarette now. Over a month. He's been acting very much like his totem animals.


I can't think of the last time I sent a card for anything. I just don't send cards. Maybe I should start though. It is nice to get cards in the mail. has lots of nice cards you could send. They have really great birth announcements and you can even have custom Valentine photo cards made.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Business financing

Have you ever tried to get a small business loan. Its a pain in the butt. The amount of paperwork you have to fill out for small business loans is twice what you have to go through to get a mortgage. Getting small business financing is difficult. If you don't have the time to jump through hoops or collateral its even more difficult. makes the whole process a whole lot easier.

Strange things we remember

I can remember years ago there was a commercial I can remember seeing. I think it was advertising New York movers. These two guys in the apartment building were moving. They had to get this mattress on top of this car while the traffic was stopped. So they rushed around, got the mattress on top of the car, tied it down and then tried to jump in only to discover that when they tied the mattress on they tied the door shut. I don't know what just made me think of that.

Amazon Coupon Vouchers

Did you know that if you sell books on Amazon and you don't have a pro merchant account you can get Amazon coupons vouchers for your books. That way if you have an abundance of books you can always just list them, sell them, and use the proceeds to buy new ones you would want to watch.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Expensive Condo's.

I recently learned that those big looking condos there building down on the shore of the lake are going to be "selling" not renting for 200k each. I can't imagine investing that much into a Condo, but there are people all over the USA that buy and sell apartments and Condo's for much more than that in larger cities. Like some of the Charlotte Apartments I saw on Apartment finder the other day. Its amazing how beautiful they can be. They ones I saw in Charlotte had beautiful cherry cabinets in the kitchen and some of them even have those cool vaulted ceilings in them.

Those apartment by the lake are supposed to have the very latest of everything in them, include those climate control sensor things that adjust everything in the house the way you like it to be the minute you walk in the door. I don't even think you use a key to enter the house, there is a pad by the door that read s your thumb print. I pet you could find a lot of new apartments like that in Charlotte.

That whole reading your thumb print thing would kind of bother me. Say you work with someone that wants to break into your home. How hard would it be to get your thumb print off of a cup or a can of soda or something.

More sales

Well I sold 3 books yesterday and only one this morning. Last Friday I sold 5 books in one evening and I'm tempted to go out and buy some more but I've decided against it. Hopefully I can go ahead and sell what I already have on the shelves this weekend. I am going to continue to add to the inventory every week. I'm still kind of envious of the man selling 150 books a day average and wondering if i will ever reach that point. I don't think I have the resources to be able to ever sell that many. I could have to be buying over 1000 books a week to keep an inventory up and I don't have a means to do that. The money doesn't bother me because I tend to make back what I spend pretty fast. its find the that many books to sell.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy for no Reason

For the past year I've been looking into the law of attraction. The law of Attraction is something we use when practicing Witchcraft. The biggest difference is we don't call it the law of attraction. There are a lot of people out there using the law of attraction to make changes in there own physical sphere and there not doing anything that they or many others would consider to be Witchcraft. Most of us Wiccans call what we are doing magik or something a little less hokey pokey sounding like energy transfer or energy manipulation. Some people even go as far as to call it telekinetic or psychic energy manipulation. In Wicca most of us believe that we create our reality with our thoughts. I have sat down and gone back over a lot of events in my life and realized I had a lot to do with there creation just by what I thought about them and not by any physical means at all. Its actually kind of cool.

The problem I have with it and a lot of other people have with it is fine tuning this type of energy manipulation. I've done it unconsciously a few hundred times, its doing it consciously that gives me the most trouble.

The Sedona Method is a method that can help you to master this process. At least thats what it claims to help you do. There is a free DVD you can get about it and I haven't gotten there free DVD so I can't really tell you that for sure. There is also a book called happiness habits that I will be looking into as well written by the same person.
For the past year I've been looking into the law of attraction. The law of Attraction is something we use when practicing Witchcraft. The biggest difference is we don't call it the law of attraction. Most of us call it magik or something

Good News Last Night

We all got good news at the PPP town meeting last night. I've you read this blog very often you have heard me complain and Googlesmack. This is where Google decided to use everyone that was blogging for money for target practice and shoot our PR's all down to Zero. PPP is getting ready to launch a new more complete version of itself called Social Spark which offers 3 different ways for bloggers to make money and its own more accurate ranking system. We were originally led to believe that Social Spark would not use PR rankings at all but later a screen shot leaked out that did in fact show PR being used. We've been complaining on the boards about this for over a month. Last night Ted Murphy officially announced that social spark will not include the Google PR ranking system and the old PPP eventually will not include it either. Even though we still have to wait for the launch of Social Spark we are all blissfully happy. I hope to go back to having those really amazing days making money again within the next few months.

The thing about Google Pr is its not really even accurate and estimate a blogs value. Its based on links to a blog on the internet and the quality of those links within the Google ranking system. I have had blogs with little to no traffic and less than 10 back links get 3's and 4's (which can score you 10 to 50 dollars per post in advertising) . That happens all of the time! I spoke to someone yesterday who had blogs that still had the introduction page wordpress puts up when you start a new blog and you don't have anything posted on it and they had 3's to. Page ranks of 3 and 4 and there was nothing on those blogs but a page that said "Hello World"

Game of Love

I love to win stuff. I think everyone does. I keep hoping for that one big positive windfall to come my way one day but it hasn't happened yet. is having a contest this month in which you can win a present for your valentines day sweetheart. Valentines day is just around the corner (that reminds me I have to think of a B-Day present for Coyote). There calling is the Game O Love.

If you've never done any shopping at you might want to go take a look at the website. They carry all sorts of overstocked items for sale. These are things stores bought to many of and had to sell at a discount. just passes the savings on to you. They have everything from furniture and decorator items to some really beautiful jewelry.

You know this might sound like kind of a weird thing to want for valentines day but I could really use a new duvet cover and sheets. I think my husband would agree that would be something nice to get for Valentines day as well. Mostly just because we need to replace ours so badly. These copper colored tone on tone sheets are really very beautiful. I love the color copper and I think that would match the decor in our bedroom perfectly. If they don't have a Duvet that matches them I can always buy two extra flat sheets and sew them together, I might want a different color though.

Don't forget, its's "Game O Love" and you need to hurry up and enter so maybe you can win your sweetie a present.

Book Sales are Doing Well

I am really really pleased with my book sales. I sold three more while I was asleep last night. All paperbacks that only cost me 25 cents. I read a post on the seller boards about a man who claims to sell 150 a day, but he didn't state what kind of profit he was making her book though. he would have to be listing over a 1000 a week to keep his inventory up though. I thought it took me a while just to list those 30 I bought yesterday. And can you imagine wrapping and shipping 150 books every single day. You would have to hire helpers. He's probably going ahead and putting the expensive into using bubble mailers or those big yellow envelopes. I'm wrapping mine yp in shipping paper individually and I'm sure its taking me much longer. Its just that its the cheapest option for me right now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Trip to Memphis

I got to go to Memphis once when I was a kid. I didn't get to see Graceland but I did get to stand at the gates and look inside. I think my mother went on a tour but it was so expensive that the rest of us didn't go. We let her go. You know I don't even remember what we were doing there. I just remember being with my mothers family. My Aunts and Uncles on her side. I remember driving across a bridge and being able to look down on Mud Island. All I remember about it was it looked really really developed. Overdeveloped actually. It looked like concrete and buildings sticking up out of the river.

I also remember something about a haunted house but I can't seem to find anything about it on the Memphis tourism site. Maybe I'm just imagining that part or maybe the memory is coming from a visit to another place.

Maybe someone at would know about that haunted house or if there as one a at all. offers sightseeing tours in lots of different cities. There having a contest right now where yu can win a win a handheld GPS by signing up for their newsletter.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Low Intrest credit cards is a credit card search engine and its been around for a very long time. Its one of the Internet’s longest running sites for online credit card comparison. It gives consumers, business and students the ability to search, compare, and apply for all types of credit card offers, everything from low interest and reward card to cards for people with bad to average credit. You shouldn't have any trouble finding theLow Interest Credit Cards that your looking for on or any other kinds of credit cards you might be looking for either., YOu will find credit cards from J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank and leading brands Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Online Gambling

My husband loves to play poker and other games that involve gambling on the internet. He loves to play games at online casinos. If you have trouble finding a good online casino then you should try What cool about is that the only online casino's listed on there sites are sites that do accept USA players. You know how our government put through that unconstitutional bill to try and keep Americans from gambling on the internet (I'm sorry but you cannot govern the internet.. Its simply not possible). So if your looking for a list of online casinos that accept USA players try


The American dollar is definitly not worth what it used to be. I don't have any money to invest right now. There was a point in time when I thought I was going to be able to but that income took a sudden nose dive due to circumstances that were beyond my control. It sucked but it happens.

If I did have money to invest I would think about investing in silver or gold. Through Monex Deposit Company (MDC) you can purchase silver, gold or other precious metals and coins for immediate personal delivery. If you don't want them delivered to your home you can have them delivered to a secure location somewhere else or Monex can arrange a secure location. For over 30 years, the Monex companies have been America’s gold, silver and precious metals investment leader. You can get metals from them in bar form or in coin form as well. I wonder what a big pile of silver coins would look like
to be written

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Summer Vacations

For summer vacation my parents and I used to go to silver dollar city in Branson Missouri. Its been a really really long time since I was there. I don't think I could go on any of the rides anymore. The last time I tried to go on an amusement park ride I felt like I had been beat up the next morning. I might go if I were in the area. They do have shows. They also have great fresh strawberries with homemade ice cream and awesome strawberry lemon aid

Going Back to School

I was talking to my mother today and she told me about someone else in her office that has decided to go back to school. She's going to get her Masters Degree.

I've though about going back to school myself but I really didn't like it the first time, I don't think I would do very well at it a second time. But since I like to do things online including work and if I ever did decide to go back that would include school as well Capella University is probably the school I would be looking at since its an online University. Its designation as the first and currently only online university accredited by CACREP is focus of latest ‘Inside Online Education’ podcast. Online university’s podcasts focus on experience of earning an online degree. Capella University is an accredited university that offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, psychology, public health, and public safety, and bachelor’s degree programs in business, information technology, and public safety.

If your interested in this school check out the contact information below.
Capella University, 225 South Sixth Street, Ninth Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55402, 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552),

Friday, January 18, 2008

Neat Looking Baby Furniture

You know I really don't like most baby furniture out there. Its all really to cutsy for me. White article board with little bunnies and stuff like that on them. If I were going to have a baby I think I would furnish my babies room with antique looking baby furniture. Kind of like the personalized, stenciled, wooden toy box in the picture in this post. has some of the coolest cribs I have ever seen. I really love there round cribs. You can customize them and make them look anyway you want them to look.

Business Financing

Have you ever tried to get start-up financing for a business? Its a pain in the butt. I had a friend who got start-up financing in the most amusing way once. The bank said he didn't have enough collateral to get the loan so he went out and bought two worn out piece of crap trucks and painted 1 side of each truck a nice shiny color and put his business logo on them (he did this with spray paint). He took pictures of those two trucks and then took the information on them to the bank and used them as collateral. Those trucks didn't even run. I as sure he was going to end up in jail with fraud charges or something, but he didn't. He did eventually end up declaring bankruptcy. says if you don't have collateral to get your loan then thats no problem. If you don't have the time to fill out an extensive business loan thats no problem either. If your lacking the collateral for your business loan and maybe your lacking the time to fill ou all of the paperwork you may want to try them for start-up financing.

The Electric Horseman

I found this movie on cable today. I think it on encore or the western channel or something like the. I loved this movie when I was a kid. I went looking for it on amazon and I was surprised to find it on DVD. I expected to maybe find some poor abused copy on a VHS but not on DVD. If you've never seen this movie you may want to consider getting it, its a good movie.

Coupon Chief

We all love to save money. I like to shop online because its more convenient for me to do so. If you go through a site like Coupon you can use promo codes on the website to get online discounts. Its kind of like shopping with coupons without having to do the clipping. You can get coupon codes for Weight Watchers, Gevalia, Home Depot and a lot more.

My listings

After listing all of the books Coyote helped me pick up I realize I may have made a mistake on a few of them. One of them was published in 1992 and although it had a nice high price on it I don't think its going to be a book that will move very fast. It doesn't cost me any money to store these books but I want to invest my money in books that are going to move quickly, not sit and collect dust. One them turned out to be an excellant deal. It was a 50 cent paperback that turned out to be a Media text book at 66 dollars. I hope that one sells fast. the other expensive Media text book I picked up did.

Whe did clothes get so cool??

You know when I was a little girl they did not have clothes that are as cool as they are today. I didn't get to wear jeans that had rhinestones on them or shirts that were all glittery and said cool stuff like "Don't blame me, its my parents fault!" or "Future Leader of the Free World" On the front of them. Some examples of this are GirlMogul Girl Power Apparel. The line has clothing in sizes from infant, to Jrs, women and even maternity wear. Can you imagine a Maternity shirt that has "Future Leader of the free World" printed across the belly.

More sales

I sold three more books in my Amazon book store last night. Yippee. I also went out and picked up some more today. This time I took the phone with my and called up Coyote to have him look up the prices for everything I thought looked promising. It worked out really well other than Coyotes usual annoying behavior. All of the little old ladies shopping around me certianly got a kick out of listening to me argue with him.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mustard is Good

I really like Mustard. Especially unusual or coarsely ground mustard with whole seeds in it. I didn't always like it. I got started on it back when I used to go to horse shows and rodeos and things like that. I have fond memories over those overcooked hot dogs on stale buns bought at fairgrounds with spicy brown mustard on them. So every time I have a hot dog with spicy mustard on it I'm taking back to those days of sawdust, straw, dirt, and horses.

My taste in mustard has changed over the years. I think Grey Poupon is probably my favorite. They have a wonderful simpler spicey brown mustard which they have redone. They also have an even better coarsely ground mustard that I put on just about everything. It has whole mustard seeds in it and its sooo good on sandwiches. I prefer the coarsely ground mustard to cook with as well. Well, other than the kinds of meals that you brush with mustard and then roll in breadcrumbs.

My Bookstore

I've been experiencing daily sales with my new Amazon bookstore. I'm not selling more than 1 or 2 a day but I'm still selling and since I only have 28 books in my inventory I can be pretty happy about that. Today I went down to Marva (another second hand place) and checked out there used books. I came home with 9 more books.

I've found a new way to check the books before buying them without having to write down the names and drive down to the coffee shop. I just call Coyote up on the phone and make him do it. he tried to argue with me about it but then his dad said he HAD to do it. He going to love it when I start garage saling again and he has to be awake at 6am.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I'm always looking for new ways to make money on my blogs and this is a way some people might want to consider. Its called payperplay. The way it works is you install a little audio ad on your site. it plays everytime your page opens. When it plays for at least 2 seconds you get paid for that play. The amount you get seems to vary. The company sys you get 25% of what ever the advertiser paid for the advertisement but there not specific about how much that is. I guess the only way you will know if its worth it is to sign up to Pay Per Play and install it on a few of your own web pages.

Yippee for me

I sold another book today. Yippee for me. Maybe I will sell some more before the week is out. Tomorrow I go to look for more books for the last time this week. I found 9 of them yesterday and two of those have already sold. I would love to sell some more this week. Plus i kind of enjoy sitting in the coffee shop with my lap top and checking the titles online before buying them. its fun.

Creative ways to Cook Chicken

We had to move into our new house before everything was finished so we had to live for a month without electricity. Now I know why people people used to go to bed when the sun went down, candlelight is not bright enough to do anything in!!!! During this period of time we had to come up with a way to cook food without electricity and in some cases without using a grill. You get creative during times like these. Here is an example of grilling chicken.

to be written

Monday, January 14, 2008


I don't play Backgammon. I don't understand the game or even why people play it. Its never held any intrigue for me so therefore I have no desire to figure out how to play it. My husband likes to play it though. He can play a lot of games like that that are played at parties and seem to be completely pointless to me. He plays them in real life and he plays them online as well. One place he likes to play backgammon at online is They have articles on the site about playing backgammon and they even have a backgammon expert that you can ask questions about the game. According to informaton on there front page the main purpose of is to provide the ultimate backgammon game playing experience for there visitors. it doesn't matter if your purpose is playing and learning as much as possible about the game or playing backgammon for money or for fun. On this site you can learn all the rules, tips, strategies, and even meet other players and chat on the sites forum. I'm sure there are lots of interesting things about backgammon to talk about with other people.

Yippee i sold something.

I sold a book last night, on Amazon, yipee. it was actually one of the ones I pick up this afternoon called Is Anybody Out There. I probably made a profit of 4 dollars on a book I paid 50 cents for.

If I start selling a lot of books and picking up a lot of new ones each week I would really like to find a way to check them while I'm standing in the store but that would require using the internet on a cell phone and I don't have the best cell phone for using the internet. I'm not about to buy an Iphone.

Creative Times Cooking Chicken

We had to move into our new house before everything was finished so we had to live for a month without electricity. Now I know why people people used to go to bed when the sun went down, candlelight is not bright enough to do anything in!!!! During this period of time we had to come up with a way to cook food without electricity and in some cases without using a grill. You get creative during times like these. Here is an example of grilling chicken.

Life Goes On

Well its another bright sunny day in Arkansas and at least I woke up to some work to do. As far as adds anyway. I'm really sick of hese crappy weeks with little money to be made. At least little compared to what I used to make. Once upon a time I would have been happy to make this as easily as I do online but when you see your income drop by several hundred a week all of a sudden because the bastards at Google have there heads up there asses it can be very frustrating.

I'm looking forward to Wednesday when I can go to the Goodwill and take a look at there new titles. I came back with six books on Sunday that I would put on amazon to sell. According to the woman at the register they get a truck load of new books every Monday and the sorter gets them out by Wednesday (she's off on Tuesday). I certainly hope that it turns into another source of lucrative income. Ive read that people who have a steady supply of used books can do very well selling used books on amazon. At least what I would consider well.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Common Sense

I was writing about this years HGTV dream house (which reminds me I have to enter for today) There was a couple who actually kept the house. I guess they really didn't think things through very well before they moved into it. They had to take out a 600 thousand dollar loan to pay the taxes on the house and they've been using the 250,000 dollars in price money to make payments on that loan as well as to pay for the excessive home insurance and outrageous utility bills. What they thought was a blessing is turning into a nightmare. See, I would know I wouldn't be able to pay the taxes on the house or the insurance. I told Bear that when he got all excited about this years dream house being in the Florida keys. I only want to win it so I can sell it and get the 2 millions dollars its worth. 2 million dollars with go a lot farther in Arkansas

Friday, January 11, 2008

Personal Injury Attorney's in Boston

I've been fortunate enough to not have to deal with personal injury attorneys or anything like that ever. I hope I never had too. Well, unless you count that whole incident where Commodore attacked that teenage girl. The one where they claimed he bit her and he didn't. He did attack her, but he didn't bite her, she was just scratched by his claws.

Joel H. Schwartz, P.C. is a Boston personal injury lawyer and is one of the most widely known and respected names in personal injury law. His firm has been helping accident victims for 40 years. He has represented thousands of people during this time. The Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz, P.C. is comprised of more than thirty focused professionals with over 185 years of combined litigation experience along with knowledge and unwavering commitment to their clients. Their firm produces consistent and impressive results. They handle such injuries as auto accident injuries, injuries due to slips and falls, worker's comp, wrongful death, and all other personal injuries that were not your fault. If you need a Boston personal injury attorney or a Boston car accident attorney you may want to consider the Law Offices of Joel Schwartz

The duet washing Machine

I don't think I have mentioned this before but we got a really good deal on a duet washer to match out duet dryer. We got the washer for 100 dollars. That means we got the whole set for a little over 300 dollars. The washer is just as nice as the dryer. Its just as quiet and does just as nice of a job.

I've never worked in construction but I'm told that it pays very well. The people that I do know that do the work enjoy it. They get to work outside and you never see them out working in miserable weather. At least I never do. It seems to be a difficult line of work to break into though. If your interested in getting the kind of training you need to work in the construction industry you might want to take a look at for your training. can assist you to get the kind of career development training you need. This website could be considered useful for employers, employees seeking training and people who may want to share there knowledge with others. So for this reason its useful to just about everyone. If your considering getting some training that would allow you to work in the construction field you my want to check the site out.

Final Girl

I stumbled across this blog the other day called Final Girl. The writer is a horror movie fanatic. she says she will watch any horror movie, good or bad. She doesn't care how cheesy it is, she will watch it. I am a little bit pickier about my horror movies. I love to watch them but I like them to have a decent plot and be pleasing to the eye. An example of this would be Silent Hill.

She is also an excellent writer and is a pleasure to read. For an example of this check out her review of the movie descent.

Dry Shampoo

Have you ever heard of dry shampoo. I first heard about it when I was in beauty school. it was recommended for use on elderly or disabled people who might have trouble washing there own hair or leaning there heads back over a sink. It may also come in handy when you don't have access to running water.

There have actually been several occasions when a dry shampoo would have come in handy for me such as any time I don't have time to get into the shower and wash it like that or when its dirtier than I thought it was before I left the house and now my head is itching like crazy and I'm drying for relief.

It probably would have come in the handiest when we first moved out here and we had to move in without running water or electricity. We were going to my parents house to takeshowers. when I needed to wash my hair after being in the August Arkansas heat all day long (over 100 with 80% humidity) a dry shampoo would have been perfect.

Salon grafix has a dry shampoo that is color matched for different hair types. This way you don't have to worry about the dry powder being seen in your hair after you use it. I know everyone else doesn't have this problem but "brushing" the powder out of my hair would not be an option.

An Idea

Today I went shopping at the goodwill with deb and we were looking through the section of books commenting on how we loved to read but never really found time anymore. I started looking at the prices of the books and started to realize that they were really cheap compared to the the clothing for sale at the good will. They were also cheaper than books I pick up at Garage Sales. This got me to thinking about Amazon again. Since the Googlesmack and the killing of the Pr of paid bloggers who blog for money I've been looking for other ways to supplement my income while waiting for new blogs to get ranked or hopefully for some other ranking system to become more important. You can make pretty good money selling books on Amazon. I've done it in the past but it was always difficult for me to find books that I could get good money for at garage sales. The main reason being that I had no way of knowing if they were worthless or not when I picked them up. At the Good Will I can write down there titles and have them put them back at the counter for me while I run to the coffee shop (where they have wireless internet) and check the titles. The reason is because a lot of books sell on Amazon for 1 cent.

Leasing a Car

Have you ever thought of leasing a car. My mother is law leased her jaguar. I feel more comfortable owning my car outright personally but in some cases it might be cheaper for you to lease your car.

There is a site in the UK that offers the latest deals on leasing cars or a contract hire option in the UK. The site is update hourly so you know there going to be the best deals. The site is called BuyYourCar. They claim to be one of the cheapest car lease and contract hire deals offered anywhere in the U.K. If you don’t see a car that you like just go to the left side of the page and there are several search options available. Just enter in the make and model or if you’re on a strict monthly budget you can enter your price range and the kind of car you want. It sounds pretty simple doesn't it? I think it sounds pretty simple anyway. I won't be leasing a car because like I said I prefer to own them outright but then at least your not stuck owning the car you are driving. If you go over the required mileage you will be stuck paying a fee for that though.

Another day and another dollar

Well its another day and another dollar. A friend of mine is coming in from Conway today to see me and she wants to go shopping at the good will. We both like buying used clothing.

There also having a grand opening today at rent a Center and Bear says they have him really busy getting things done. There having food too so later I may go over there and get myself something to eat. I hope its hamburgers. I'm in a hamburger kindof mood today

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Online Casino is an online Casino. Its a pretty casino with a nice black background and pretty warm red, gold, and yellow sparkly colors on it that remind me of a Vegas Casino at night. They also have lots of casino games on the site to keep you entertained when your bored and either don't want to or have nothing else to do.
stuck with five plain gray cats. Well this has been a sucky couple of weeks. Google continues to smack paid bloggers. There latest smack occurred today and they killed 2 more of my blogs. My newer ones didn't get ranked at all. My favorite cat disappeared this week and Bear's favorite cat disappeared last week. Now I'mAt least 3 of them are very loving ones. The other two make it clear they only tolerate your presence.

We did get a surprise re order this week. It came from Long Horn Steak House in Tennessee. it was a surprise because bear only demoed them, he didn't sell them and the order came from cooperate headquarters. They wanted a gallon to try out. If they like it that could mean a huge account . . . But . . . I know better than to be hopeful about something like that. Thats one of those big sales that all salesman hope to get and never do. Bear calls it chasing rainbows. Kind of like in that movie gone in 60 seconds and the one car Nicholas cage can never steal. That sale is an example of Bear's Unicorn. he's had a number of chances to get cooperate accounts and they always fall through.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Do you know what SEO is? I didn't know until a few months ago even though I had been trying to do it on my own for a while. SEO is search engine Optimization. Its a pain in the rear too. If you can hire and SEO company or an SEO expert to do this work for you your going to be a lot happier. Hiring an SEO specialist will save you a lot of time and headache.

An Ugly day

Well, its the end of a particularly ugly day in the Ozarks. At least it wasn't cold. it was a nice 70 degrees with very heavy humidity. I went and walked at the wild life preserve today. The swamp is not exactly pleasant to walk around in the winter time on a gray cloudy day like this. it lacks color. Its black and gray and looks very dreary and bleak. Well, it will be spring soon.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Modern Bathrooms

Have you gone looking at bathroom vanities lately. Its pretty interesting to see all of the stuff they are coming up with. They even have simple copper bowls mounted to the wall with the plumbing inside the wall. I couldn't handle that. I need something to put stuff on. Some of the ones I have seen online lately look like spacey looking glass computer desks.

In her Shoes

I watched that movie In Her Shoes tonight. Its a good movie. I love it when the younger sister goes to live with her grandmother in the senior living center and ends up starting her own business as a personal shopper for the ladies in the community. I was a little disappointed that the movie didn't go into further detail about her and the doctor she met who was the son of the professor that taught her how to read.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Play Backgammon

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I went to the gym today sincesometime back in June. I weighed myself and I have only gained two pounds. It might be less than that because a took a great big you know what when I got home too, lol. My butt looks a little chunkier in my spandex work out pants but i think I'm still in pretty good shape.

My Ipod

Do you have an Ipod. I have an Ipod. I love my Ipod. Its great for working out with. I can download free music off of the net and take it with me anywhere I want to go. Since the radio in my car no longer works I can still have music in my car with that thing. Plus there so small, its easy to slide them into your pocket. If I don't have pockets on what I'm wearing then I put them in my waist band.

I really need to get an ipod case so I don't have to worry about the volume changing when its in my pocket (that happens sometimes) or it falling out of my waist band and the headphones getting jerked out of my ears (thats so irritating when that happens). has a revolutionary iPod case that protects not only iPods but most cell phones, smartphones, macbooks, and portable gaming consoles. Its made from a unique material originally created for the military to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades.

Bear's Lunch

My husband called me a little while ago and had me punch up his lunch and his breakfast into the calorie counter. he's already had over 1000 calories today. and he thought he was doing good by having a Ceaser Salad at Wendy's. That salad had 530 calories in it and the chili he had was another 300.

I'm eating out today too. I'll be eating at taco johns or something Mexican but that food isn't really all that bad. Plus beans tend to fill you up longer than other foods. They give you gas too but I don't care much about that. working at home gives me that advantage.

Do you have a secret vice?

Well, my vice is not exactly a secret, everyone knows I do it. I have a chewing fetish. Thats what my husband calls it. I have this need to chew on things that are slightly soft but not soft at the same time. Like plastic. I will chew on straws and those little plastic things that come off of the lids of milk cartons. I don't know why. I'll chew them into little bits. I also chew on Styrofoam cups. I will tear pieces off of the cups and chew them until there hard and then put them back in the cup. Isn't that the goofiest thing you have ever heard. But I suspect that if I didn't do it I would be eating when I'm chewing instead.

Alisa Apps has an interesting point of view regarding her own vice. She sucks her thumb. Alisa has asked people who view the video to respond to it and talk about there own vices.

A new year

My husband is trying to quit smoking again. Its not the first time but I do hope its the last time this time. He did it completely of his own accord. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he turned 39 this week. He called the kids into the office the other day and pulled out his cigarettes and crushed them in front of them. He's on day 4. He's already overweight so I'm trying to help him keep an eye on his calories using the calorie counter as well. Were supposed to start going back to the gym next week too. I'm looking forward to it. I can't exercise in this cold weather.
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