Monday, January 14, 2008


I don't play Backgammon. I don't understand the game or even why people play it. Its never held any intrigue for me so therefore I have no desire to figure out how to play it. My husband likes to play it though. He can play a lot of games like that that are played at parties and seem to be completely pointless to me. He plays them in real life and he plays them online as well. One place he likes to play backgammon at online is They have articles on the site about playing backgammon and they even have a backgammon expert that you can ask questions about the game. According to informaton on there front page the main purpose of is to provide the ultimate backgammon game playing experience for there visitors. it doesn't matter if your purpose is playing and learning as much as possible about the game or playing backgammon for money or for fun. On this site you can learn all the rules, tips, strategies, and even meet other players and chat on the sites forum. I'm sure there are lots of interesting things about backgammon to talk about with other people.


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