Thursday, January 24, 2008

Book Sales are Doing Well

I am really really pleased with my book sales. I sold three more while I was asleep last night. All paperbacks that only cost me 25 cents. I read a post on the seller boards about a man who claims to sell 150 a day, but he didn't state what kind of profit he was making her book though. he would have to be listing over a 1000 a week to keep his inventory up though. I thought it took me a while just to list those 30 I bought yesterday. And can you imagine wrapping and shipping 150 books every single day. You would have to hire helpers. He's probably going ahead and putting the expensive into using bubble mailers or those big yellow envelopes. I'm wrapping mine yp in shipping paper individually and I'm sure its taking me much longer. Its just that its the cheapest option for me right now.


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