Saturday, January 12, 2008

Common Sense

I was writing about this years HGTV dream house (which reminds me I have to enter for today) There was a couple who actually kept the house. I guess they really didn't think things through very well before they moved into it. They had to take out a 600 thousand dollar loan to pay the taxes on the house and they've been using the 250,000 dollars in price money to make payments on that loan as well as to pay for the excessive home insurance and outrageous utility bills. What they thought was a blessing is turning into a nightmare. See, I would know I wouldn't be able to pay the taxes on the house or the insurance. I told Bear that when he got all excited about this years dream house being in the Florida keys. I only want to win it so I can sell it and get the 2 millions dollars its worth. 2 million dollars with go a lot farther in Arkansas


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