Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Do you have a secret vice?

Well, my vice is not exactly a secret, everyone knows I do it. I have a chewing fetish. Thats what my husband calls it. I have this need to chew on things that are slightly soft but not soft at the same time. Like plastic. I will chew on straws and those little plastic things that come off of the lids of milk cartons. I don't know why. I'll chew them into little bits. I also chew on Styrofoam cups. I will tear pieces off of the cups and chew them until there hard and then put them back in the cup. Isn't that the goofiest thing you have ever heard. But I suspect that if I didn't do it I would be eating when I'm chewing instead.

Alisa Apps has an interesting point of view regarding her own vice. She sucks her thumb. Alisa has asked people who view the video to respond to it and talk about there own vices.


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