Friday, January 25, 2008

Expensive Condo's.

I recently learned that those big looking condos there building down on the shore of the lake are going to be "selling" not renting for 200k each. I can't imagine investing that much into a Condo, but there are people all over the USA that buy and sell apartments and Condo's for much more than that in larger cities. Like some of the Charlotte Apartments I saw on Apartment finder the other day. Its amazing how beautiful they can be. They ones I saw in Charlotte had beautiful cherry cabinets in the kitchen and some of them even have those cool vaulted ceilings in them.

Those apartment by the lake are supposed to have the very latest of everything in them, include those climate control sensor things that adjust everything in the house the way you like it to be the minute you walk in the door. I don't even think you use a key to enter the house, there is a pad by the door that read s your thumb print. I pet you could find a lot of new apartments like that in Charlotte.

That whole reading your thumb print thing would kind of bother me. Say you work with someone that wants to break into your home. How hard would it be to get your thumb print off of a cup or a can of soda or something.


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