Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good News Last Night

We all got good news at the PPP town meeting last night. I've you read this blog very often you have heard me complain and Googlesmack. This is where Google decided to use everyone that was blogging for money for target practice and shoot our PR's all down to Zero. PPP is getting ready to launch a new more complete version of itself called Social Spark which offers 3 different ways for bloggers to make money and its own more accurate ranking system. We were originally led to believe that Social Spark would not use PR rankings at all but later a screen shot leaked out that did in fact show PR being used. We've been complaining on the boards about this for over a month. Last night Ted Murphy officially announced that social spark will not include the Google PR ranking system and the old PPP eventually will not include it either. Even though we still have to wait for the launch of Social Spark we are all blissfully happy. I hope to go back to having those really amazing days making money again within the next few months.

The thing about Google Pr is its not really even accurate and estimate a blogs value. Its based on links to a blog on the internet and the quality of those links within the Google ranking system. I have had blogs with little to no traffic and less than 10 back links get 3's and 4's (which can score you 10 to 50 dollars per post in advertising) . That happens all of the time! I spoke to someone yesterday who had blogs that still had the introduction page wordpress puts up when you start a new blog and you don't have anything posted on it and they had 3's to. Page ranks of 3 and 4 and there was nothing on those blogs but a page that said "Hello World"


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