Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy for no Reason

For the past year I've been looking into the law of attraction. The law of Attraction is something we use when practicing Witchcraft. The biggest difference is we don't call it the law of attraction. There are a lot of people out there using the law of attraction to make changes in there own physical sphere and there not doing anything that they or many others would consider to be Witchcraft. Most of us Wiccans call what we are doing magik or something a little less hokey pokey sounding like energy transfer or energy manipulation. Some people even go as far as to call it telekinetic or psychic energy manipulation. In Wicca most of us believe that we create our reality with our thoughts. I have sat down and gone back over a lot of events in my life and realized I had a lot to do with there creation just by what I thought about them and not by any physical means at all. Its actually kind of cool.

The problem I have with it and a lot of other people have with it is fine tuning this type of energy manipulation. I've done it unconsciously a few hundred times, its doing it consciously that gives me the most trouble.

The Sedona Method is a method that can help you to master this process. At least thats what it claims to help you do. There is a free DVD you can get about it and I haven't gotten there free DVD so I can't really tell you that for sure. There is also a book called happiness habits that I will be looking into as well written by the same person.


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