Friday, January 11, 2008

An Idea

Today I went shopping at the goodwill with deb and we were looking through the section of books commenting on how we loved to read but never really found time anymore. I started looking at the prices of the books and started to realize that they were really cheap compared to the the clothing for sale at the good will. They were also cheaper than books I pick up at Garage Sales. This got me to thinking about Amazon again. Since the Googlesmack and the killing of the Pr of paid bloggers who blog for money I've been looking for other ways to supplement my income while waiting for new blogs to get ranked or hopefully for some other ranking system to become more important. You can make pretty good money selling books on Amazon. I've done it in the past but it was always difficult for me to find books that I could get good money for at garage sales. The main reason being that I had no way of knowing if they were worthless or not when I picked them up. At the Good Will I can write down there titles and have them put them back at the counter for me while I run to the coffee shop (where they have wireless internet) and check the titles. The reason is because a lot of books sell on Amazon for 1 cent.


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