Friday, January 11, 2008

Leasing a Car

Have you ever thought of leasing a car. My mother is law leased her jaguar. I feel more comfortable owning my car outright personally but in some cases it might be cheaper for you to lease your car.

There is a site in the UK that offers the latest deals on leasing cars or a contract hire option in the UK. The site is update hourly so you know there going to be the best deals. The site is called BuyYourCar. They claim to be one of the cheapest car lease and contract hire deals offered anywhere in the U.K. If you don’t see a car that you like just go to the left side of the page and there are several search options available. Just enter in the make and model or if you’re on a strict monthly budget you can enter your price range and the kind of car you want. It sounds pretty simple doesn't it? I think it sounds pretty simple anyway. I won't be leasing a car because like I said I prefer to own them outright but then at least your not stuck owning the car you are driving. If you go over the required mileage you will be stuck paying a fee for that though.


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