Monday, January 14, 2008

Life Goes On

Well its another bright sunny day in Arkansas and at least I woke up to some work to do. As far as adds anyway. I'm really sick of hese crappy weeks with little money to be made. At least little compared to what I used to make. Once upon a time I would have been happy to make this as easily as I do online but when you see your income drop by several hundred a week all of a sudden because the bastards at Google have there heads up there asses it can be very frustrating.

I'm looking forward to Wednesday when I can go to the Goodwill and take a look at there new titles. I came back with six books on Sunday that I would put on amazon to sell. According to the woman at the register they get a truck load of new books every Monday and the sorter gets them out by Wednesday (she's off on Tuesday). I certainly hope that it turns into another source of lucrative income. Ive read that people who have a steady supply of used books can do very well selling used books on amazon. At least what I would consider well.


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