Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mustard is Good

I really like Mustard. Especially unusual or coarsely ground mustard with whole seeds in it. I didn't always like it. I got started on it back when I used to go to horse shows and rodeos and things like that. I have fond memories over those overcooked hot dogs on stale buns bought at fairgrounds with spicy brown mustard on them. So every time I have a hot dog with spicy mustard on it I'm taking back to those days of sawdust, straw, dirt, and horses.

My taste in mustard has changed over the years. I think Grey Poupon is probably my favorite. They have a wonderful simpler spicey brown mustard which they have redone. They also have an even better coarsely ground mustard that I put on just about everything. It has whole mustard seeds in it and its sooo good on sandwiches. I prefer the coarsely ground mustard to cook with as well. Well, other than the kinds of meals that you brush with mustard and then roll in breadcrumbs.


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