Thursday, January 10, 2008

stuck with five plain gray cats. Well this has been a sucky couple of weeks. Google continues to smack paid bloggers. There latest smack occurred today and they killed 2 more of my blogs. My newer ones didn't get ranked at all. My favorite cat disappeared this week and Bear's favorite cat disappeared last week. Now I'mAt least 3 of them are very loving ones. The other two make it clear they only tolerate your presence.

We did get a surprise re order this week. It came from Long Horn Steak House in Tennessee. it was a surprise because bear only demoed them, he didn't sell them and the order came from cooperate headquarters. They wanted a gallon to try out. If they like it that could mean a huge account . . . But . . . I know better than to be hopeful about something like that. Thats one of those big sales that all salesman hope to get and never do. Bear calls it chasing rainbows. Kind of like in that movie gone in 60 seconds and the one car Nicholas cage can never steal. That sale is an example of Bear's Unicorn. he's had a number of chances to get cooperate accounts and they always fall through.


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