Friday, February 29, 2008

A Money Site

We have all seen websites about car insurance and websites about home owners insurance and mortgage companies and all sorts of things like that. I recently ran across a site that covers all of the above and then some.its called It had a pink colored pig next to the websites title. I guess thats supposed to be like a piggy bank or something. You can find information on the site about credit cards, information on home insurance quotes, and car insurance quotes. I don't think I have ever seen so much information like this in any one place. You can probably find everything you need in along these lines on this one website. You might as well go ahead and bookmark it. Having it all in one place would certainly make things a little bit easier when your shopping for it. At least if you do your shopping for that kind of thing online. I usually just use local companies. That way I can just drop the payment off when I'm in town or something like that.

The site also has information on banking, on investing, utilities, articles about money, investing and even a little section that includes the latest investment for exampleright now there is an article up there about sales of the UK's most read tabloid, the sun, fall to their lowest level for over 30 years. I might have to take the time to read that since one of the companies I work for does do a lot of advertising in the Sun. Thats not the only thing they advertise in though.

I've even spotted a free money ebook up there. When I scroll further down the page I find a whole section of money guides.

Life Insurance Quites

Bear and I have been discussing life insurance rates lately. The reason is because he has pretty affordable life insurance through work. I think its 10 dollars a week.i can;t remember how much its for though.I admit I've always been very uncomfortable without life insurance

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Penis Enlargment Reviews??

Do you remember those penis and breast enlargement ads that you used to find in the backs of magazines. I can remember finding them in the back of Young Miss magazines. I guess you can still find them in the back of magazines. I ran across this mens health site the other day that has penis enlargement reviews on it. I didn't know male enhancement reviews had anything to do with mens health here seems to be a lot of emphasis on the x4 labs extender review.
I recently introduced Valerian to my husband. Its not a person, its an herb that helps you relax. He's been taking it in tincture form. When you take it you sleep deep and dreamlessly. At least for 4 hours. I usually take it when i have a hard time getting my body to relax. some nights even though my mind is tired and ready to go to sleep my body feels like it could to spend 2 hours in the gym again

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring Break Contest 2008

Xtreme Tanning is launching a product line called Ocean Potion (don't you just love that name) and with this they are also having a contest called Xtreme Spring Break 2008 (yeah it rhymes). What you do is you make a video advertising the contest and there Ocean Potion product line. You have to include the Ocean Potion Logo in it and you can only use royalty free images and music. Videos with the top 10 most views get entered in the contest to win 5000 dollars or an extreme spring break vacation. I made my little video and I've uploaded it to you tube. I'm kind of proud of it even if it is a lame video because I actually managed to make this one all by myself without Coyotes help. I don't think I will win any contest or anything but it did give me something to do. Plus it was a learning experience and gave me the confidence to possibly make some more videos at a later date or something.

If you want more information about the contest so you can make your own video and upload it to the internet to enter the Spring Break contest as well then you need to visit to get the rules and everything like that. You also might want to try out there tanning products. I think I have used these before for sun care.

My Video

The video that will be above this post is a video I made all by myself without my step sons help and I just wanted to say that. I'm pretty proud of had to be royalty free images and royalty free music which is why they suck. I could have done a LOT better if they didn't have to be royalty free

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I don't like oysters. I never have. I like them cooked in things but not raw in the shell. I heard a ridiculous oyster joke the other day. I have a terrible sense of humor so be prepared "not" to laugh. There are these two oysters,and there married to each other.The wife oyster says to the husband oyster, "You never open up to me.". Isn't that awful.

You can actually get sick from eating raw oysters. You can even die. Vibrio vulnificus bacteria is found in raw oysters. If you have liver disease, diabetes or a weak immune system, you should not eat them because your at greater risk. There is a website called be oyster aware that teaches you about Gulf oysters and things you should be aware of. They even have a section with recipes. I wonder if they would be good fried like clams are.
Book sales have been going up and down. Posts have been slow but they may pick up.I'm told that everything involving advertising and sales this time of year. Even the book sales. I haven't had very much to talk about lately either. I haven't even been outside all that much. Its been gray and cloudy a lot lately and I just don't even want to look out the window when it looks like that. I did see a yellow crocus blooming by the pond the other day. There are daffodil's in my garden that have buds on them. I guess its about time I cleaned out my garden.


I had a little gold locket once. I was really young and I don't remember what happened to it. I do remember it being so small that I don't think you could have put a picture into it. Now they can make Gold Lockets and silver lockets with pictures lazer engraved right onto them.No more worrying about finding a picture thats the right size.
photo and text engraving

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Kitchen Cabinets

My cabinet hardware is looking a little less than perfect lately. Maybe its time to think about replacing it. I don't know what I want though. A few years ago little details like cabinet hardware would have been really important to me but these days I just really don't care about stuff like that anymore. Isn't that strange.

My Workout

My workouts have been going well. So is my running. I look smaller all over even though I haven't really lost much weight. Thats the thing about running, its a full body exercise. I've moved my speed up to 5.5 from 5.0 and I'm running 1.21 miles and the last .10 of the mile I hike the speed up to 6.5. I try to move the distance up a little bit more each time, even if its just 1 point on the treadmill. Lately I've been having trouble with my shins and my left hip so I've slowed down on the running a little bit.I haven't stopped though. Then I do 15 minutes on the bike at 20 mph, 30 on the elliptical walker and usually another 15 just walking at 3.5. I haven't been anywhere near the weight benches

Offensive Shirts

Here is a new site where you can buy funny t-shirts. I don't really wear T shirts with sayings on them. I usually wear plain t shirts that I can put a vest over. You can usually get away without wearing a bra when you wear a vest. My husband likes t shirts like that. He's had a few that are kind of offensive. You know, the kind where employees at businesses walk up to him and ask him to please not wear that shirt again.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Have you ever heard of Directbuy. I thought it was similar to best buy but you can't shop online but its not. directbuy charges membership dues to join, thereby enabling. They charge a monthly membership for the privilege of shopping here kind of like shopping at a Sam's Club. Directbuy is the leading members-only showroom and home design center that offers merchandise at manufacturer-direct prices.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

HDMI Cables

Does anyone know what HDMI cables are? I don't know either. I seem to remember looking it up at one point but I don't remember what it was. It probably has something to do with computers. its raining cats and dogs here right now though and I'm not really in the mood to look it up and pretend that I know what it is.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Payday Loans

Everybody knows what those payday cash loans are. The way there advertised everywhere you would just about have to have your head stuck in the sand to not know what they are. There a short term loan with a high rate of interest usually used by people with no savings,credit,or credit cards when they need emergency cash.we all know how those little emergencies can pop up when you least expect them and when your the least prepared. claims to have the easiest to use payday loan service on the web. I have never had to use it (knock on wood) and I hope if your reading this you never have to use them either,but you never know what the future may hold. Your car could blow up and prevent you from getting back and forth to work and you could find yourself jobless and eventually homeless.But you know it really is best if you don't talk about those kinds of things happening because you could end up making them happen. So I guess it would be best to not talk about needing a payday loan either. But its good to know about them just in case you know.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Online Casino's

I don't really like to play Online Casino games. Well,I do like to play roulette and slots. Those are fun but there more exciting for me in person. An online casino bear ran across recently is the only casino I have ever heard of that offers an 808 dollar sign up bonus. They offer lots of other promotions as well.

Some people are having a bad valentines day

I can tell some people are having a bad valentines day. The reason I can tell is because I have sold 15 books from my book store today and there all about getting out of bad relationships and "while he will never change". I also sold a few religious books. I'm still stoked about that rare signed first edition I found totally by accident yesterday.

Car Insurance

I hate paying for car insurance. I have to have it, obviously but it doesn't mean I like having to have it. It is of course illegal to drive without it. My husbands car insurance is super cheap. Being his age and married with no tickets or anything he pays 25 lousy dollars a month. Mine is 60 dollars a month.

There is a company in California called Cost-U-Less that says they can give you cheaper car insurance. So if you live in Long Beach and you need long beach car insurance you may want to look them up.

A Rare Find

I came across another signed book yesterday by accident. This one is very very special because its rare. It also has been hand numbered by the author as number 50 in the printing. I posted a question about the book on the boards because I only saw 1 for sale and someone did a search on it for me. Apparently there are only 3 for sale anywhere and one of them is in the Netherlands. Mine being signed and hand numbered by the author makes it worth 75 dollars. I am really pleased with this find. I didn't even know it was signed and hand numbered when I picked it up either.

Monday, February 11, 2008


There was a mobile home destroyed in the tornado that touched down in Atkins last week. Obviously that wasn't all that was destroyed but thats the structure I want to talk about now. They interview the people who owned it on the news. They didn't have home owners insurance because there mobile home was uninsurable. The same thing happened to my neighbors up the hill last winter. There house burned to the ground and they also didn't have homeowners insurance because the home was in such bad shape it couldn't be insured. I kind of wonder if they could have gotten something similar to renters insurance to at least insure there belongings. I don't know if they could have gotten that either.

The best place to find that out would probably be a website like Its a website where you can find all sorts of online insurance and possibly find renters insurance or maybe something that would cover there belongings if the dwelling was destroyed.

By the way, even if you have home owners insurance you are supposed to photograph and categorize all of your belongings so that you can collect on them if something does happen to your house and all of its contents.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Business Loans

If I told you there was a place where you could get small business loans approved in less than 48 hours with no application fee would you believe me. I wouldn't believe me. I would think I was nuts. offers small business loans with an approval rate of 24 to 48 hours . They also claim to have no application fee or any other hidden fees. If your interested in getting small business loans you may want to check them out.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Did you know they have Branson private golf resorts in Branson. They have a lot of stuff in Branson. To tell you the truth the only part of Branson I have ever seen is Silver dollar city and a hotel called the silver slipper. I think thats what its called. Thats where we always stayed when we went down there when I was a kid. It had a small swimming pool.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Business Loans Online

Have you ever tried to get business loans? Its a pain in the butt. says they can approve business loans with no collateral within 24 hours. They also claim to not have any hidden fees or even an application fee and claim to have some of the lowest rates around. I would definitely look into borrowing from them if your interested in business loans.

The pillows on my bed

We have these throw pillows on our bed. Three of them looked really horrible. One of them was gold and has always shown every stain way to easily. Even water stains. I have a bad habit of going to bed or laying in bed with my hair wet and it only took once to leave a stain on it. Then we had these two green and lavender floral pillows from a bed we used to have in the fourth bedroom. I've never washed them either. But like the gold one the stuffing in them has gotten all lumpy so I figured what the heck. if it ruins them it won't matter. So I threw them into the washing machine and then into the dryer. It made a huge difference. There even fluffier. I could probably replace the stuffing in them and make them nice and smooth again though.

Making Money Online

There are lots of different ways to make money on the internet. Some are better than others. Some pay a little and a select few pay a lot. You just have to know how to find the goods ones. The good ones are usually a well guarded secret. If everyone was doing them there probably wouldn't be good money in them after all.

CashPoint is a program that lets you earn money by completing offers and surveys in your free on the internet. They offer some of the highest payouts in the industry as well as a powerful 3 tier referral program. They have great customer service too. They have a live chat room operator as well as a phone line customer service. I personally prefer the chat room. I hate talking on the phone with people.

I've done the whole completing offers and surveys thing. You can make money at it, even though some people on the internet will tell you that you can't. I suspect that they just don't want the additional competition.

I've sold 30 books in 7 days. I think thats pretty good. I still only have a little over 1oo books in my inventory. I've been managing to add about 50 a week. I think my sales are good. I would like to be adding several hundred a week but I don't think I can find that many a week. I'm going to go into town in a few minutes and mail off over 20 of them. There are 6 others sitting on the shelf waiting to be wrapped up and addressed.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

E Commerce Storage Solutions

My book store is doing well. I've had 16 sales in three days. I'm pretty please with that. I hope my daily sales continue to grow but for that to happen I'm going to have to have more inventory listed. Right now I still have plenty of space to store all of the used books I pick up. I haven't been able to get anymore than 58 in one week. Even after I run out of room in the house I could probably put a storage building out on the property and store books outside of the house as well. Not everyone can do that though and have to find other ways of storing there inventory. can provide storage and shipping for e-commerce companies so they don't have to worry about warehouse space or about storing there inventory in there home. This way when you get an order you don't have to worry about digging through your inventory and trying to find it. The company locates it and ships it for you. I have to admit packaging the books does get a little old. Maybe I can find a quicker way to package them soon.

More storms but we still have power.

More storms hit Arkansas tonight with more 60 mile per hour winds. 1600 residents of Russellville are without power once again. I'm just glad were not one of them this time. There was a tornado touchdown in Atkins and a few other places. 5 people were killed and a few others are missing.

They had a guy on the news that said when they heard the tornado warnings they left there mobile home and went to the church thinking they would be safe. The Tornado hit the church while they were inside of it. They were unhurt, but this is funny because there mobile home was untouched.


You know I did some reading up on migraines not to long ago and learned that the cause of the pain is swelling of blood vessels in that part of the brain. This is why a persons speech and motor function may be affected during a migraine. A person can also die from a migraine. I didn't know this either. If I had known it I might have been a little bit more concerned about some of the more severe ones I've suffered through. Because the pain is caused by swelling of blood vessels in the brain its possible for them to swell so much that you get can have an anurism. I hope that doesn't happen to me.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Billard is a site where you can play snooker. You can also play in billiard tournaments as well. The site is nicely designed and very easy to navigate. Is a site where you can play billiards and online snooker. I've played billiards a few times. I'm not sure if I like it enough to play it online but that doesn't mean that other won't want to.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Audio Ads

If your interested in doing things to monetize your site you may want to consider using audio ads. You install some code into your blog or web page and when ever its visited the add plays and you get paid for it. Its played automatically and it only has to play a few seconds for you to get credit for te playing. so if your interested in monetize your blog or site you may want to try


I am supposed to wear corrective lenses, but I don't I learned to live without them a few years ago so even though I now have health insurance its hard for me to justify buying them when I can get along without them. I even managed to drive through the mountains on unfamiliar roads in the dark without them.

I recently made a Great Discovery: Zenni Optical. The Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical besides the really cool rainbow frames below are the Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. I think I can justify glasses that cheap

Its Over

My power finally came back on Friday night. It came on for a little while Thursday. Just long enough to heat up the house and get the fridge and deep freeze cold again before going off again. Friday bear stopped and talked to every person he saw working on the power lines and driving an energy truck until he finally found the foreman running the whole operation. It turned out that when everyones power was turned back on and people got home from work and fired things up again it flipped a breaker which shut off our area again. Unfortunately they didn't have anyone in the area at the time to turn it back on. With 16000 in Russellville without power we couldn't exactly demand that they have someone stop what they were doing and get ours back on. But we were facing night time low temperatures of 16 degrees as well. At that temperature not even our fireplace was going to keep things very warm.

On our way home Friday night as he snow fell and the temperatures dropped we passed utility trucks coming from the direction of Mill Creek. Our front porch lite was on when we pulled into the driveway. It hadn't been on for very long because the heat was on when we walked in the door and the temperature in the house was still only 33 degrees. The only thing we lost in the fridge was the milk. Everything else was fine. I made sure and left water dripping in all of the faucets so the pipes wouldn't freeze so none of them burst.

The crisis in now over. Most of the city has there power back on and now only the down trees have to be cleaned up. There are still big trees down all over the place. I did manage to make my quota with about 20 minutes to spare. I was finishing up just as he snow started to fall. I even sold 20 books while my power was out.
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