Saturday, February 02, 2008

Its Over

My power finally came back on Friday night. It came on for a little while Thursday. Just long enough to heat up the house and get the fridge and deep freeze cold again before going off again. Friday bear stopped and talked to every person he saw working on the power lines and driving an energy truck until he finally found the foreman running the whole operation. It turned out that when everyones power was turned back on and people got home from work and fired things up again it flipped a breaker which shut off our area again. Unfortunately they didn't have anyone in the area at the time to turn it back on. With 16000 in Russellville without power we couldn't exactly demand that they have someone stop what they were doing and get ours back on. But we were facing night time low temperatures of 16 degrees as well. At that temperature not even our fireplace was going to keep things very warm.

On our way home Friday night as he snow fell and the temperatures dropped we passed utility trucks coming from the direction of Mill Creek. Our front porch lite was on when we pulled into the driveway. It hadn't been on for very long because the heat was on when we walked in the door and the temperature in the house was still only 33 degrees. The only thing we lost in the fridge was the milk. Everything else was fine. I made sure and left water dripping in all of the faucets so the pipes wouldn't freeze so none of them burst.

The crisis in now over. Most of the city has there power back on and now only the down trees have to be cleaned up. There are still big trees down all over the place. I did manage to make my quota with about 20 minutes to spare. I was finishing up just as he snow started to fall. I even sold 20 books while my power was out.


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