Friday, February 29, 2008

A Money Site

We have all seen websites about car insurance and websites about home owners insurance and mortgage companies and all sorts of things like that. I recently ran across a site that covers all of the above and then some.its called It had a pink colored pig next to the websites title. I guess thats supposed to be like a piggy bank or something. You can find information on the site about credit cards, information on home insurance quotes, and car insurance quotes. I don't think I have ever seen so much information like this in any one place. You can probably find everything you need in along these lines on this one website. You might as well go ahead and bookmark it. Having it all in one place would certainly make things a little bit easier when your shopping for it. At least if you do your shopping for that kind of thing online. I usually just use local companies. That way I can just drop the payment off when I'm in town or something like that.

The site also has information on banking, on investing, utilities, articles about money, investing and even a little section that includes the latest investment for exampleright now there is an article up there about sales of the UK's most read tabloid, the sun, fall to their lowest level for over 30 years. I might have to take the time to read that since one of the companies I work for does do a lot of advertising in the Sun. Thats not the only thing they advertise in though.

I've even spotted a free money ebook up there. When I scroll further down the page I find a whole section of money guides.


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