Monday, February 11, 2008


There was a mobile home destroyed in the tornado that touched down in Atkins last week. Obviously that wasn't all that was destroyed but thats the structure I want to talk about now. They interview the people who owned it on the news. They didn't have home owners insurance because there mobile home was uninsurable. The same thing happened to my neighbors up the hill last winter. There house burned to the ground and they also didn't have homeowners insurance because the home was in such bad shape it couldn't be insured. I kind of wonder if they could have gotten something similar to renters insurance to at least insure there belongings. I don't know if they could have gotten that either.

The best place to find that out would probably be a website like Its a website where you can find all sorts of online insurance and possibly find renters insurance or maybe something that would cover there belongings if the dwelling was destroyed.

By the way, even if you have home owners insurance you are supposed to photograph and categorize all of your belongings so that you can collect on them if something does happen to your house and all of its contents.


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