Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring Break Contest 2008

Xtreme Tanning is launching a product line called Ocean Potion (don't you just love that name) and with this they are also having a contest called Xtreme Spring Break 2008 (yeah it rhymes). What you do is you make a video advertising the contest and there Ocean Potion product line. You have to include the Ocean Potion Logo in it and you can only use royalty free images and music. Videos with the top 10 most views get entered in the contest to win 5000 dollars or an extreme spring break vacation. I made my little video and I've uploaded it to you tube. I'm kind of proud of it even if it is a lame video because I actually managed to make this one all by myself without Coyotes help. I don't think I will win any contest or anything but it did give me something to do. Plus it was a learning experience and gave me the confidence to possibly make some more videos at a later date or something.

If you want more information about the contest so you can make your own video and upload it to the internet to enter the Spring Break contest as well then you need to visit to get the rules and everything like that. You also might want to try out there tanning products. I think I have used these before for sun care.


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