Monday, March 31, 2008


Writing something or another was always a big hobby of mine. I was never interested in the whole screenwriting thing. I always thought I would write romantic fiction. The same I love to read. That box I picked up Friday was full of mostly romance novels. There is a college called Sherwood oaks "" which is a screen writers school. It might be interesting to attend a seminar there or something but I doubt if I would ever write anything like that. Writing some kind of fiction would be a lot more fun. At least thats the case for me. but it would still be fun to attend a seminar like that just to see whats involved with it even I never had any plans to do anything like that. Sometimes I just enjoy learning about stuff like that. if your interested in that sort of thing maybe you should visit the site and sign up for a class or something.

I wonder if they only give classes on movie making and screen writing. I knew a girl that went to college to operate a movie camera. I didn't know you could go to college specifically to do that sort of thing but apparently you can. I wonder if they offer classes on that.

This sucks

I really really hope I am not getting the flu. I started getting a sore throat before bed last nigh and to be and woke up with it this morning. Mouse got sick on the bus and h ad to be brought home. I have sooo much work to do today and I'm really pissed off that I'm going to have to do it while I'm sick.

Friday, March 28, 2008


I ran across a brand name for faucets the other day that I have never heard of before. it was Hansgrohe faucets. I guess they don't have a commercial on HGTV. Thats probably why I've never heard of them before. The only place I ever hear about name brand faucets in on HGTV, unless I'm surfing the web anyway.

Silver Dollar City

You its been years since I went to any kind of Branson resorts. When I was a teenager we used to go to Silver dollar city in Branson all of the time. One of my favorite things to each there was homemade ice cream and fresh strawberries. They had great cherry lemonade too. And the funnel cakes, mmmmmm.

A good find

Bear called me today and told me there was a garage sale sign by the tanning salon (he tans a few days a week there). I wasn't planning on going today because there was rain in the forecast and there weren't going to be many if any at all. I didn't see much out at first but a bunch of clothes but I walked to the back of her carport and found a big box of books. She walked over before I even pulled my phone out and told me if I bought a bunch of them she would give me a discount. I just asked what she would want for the whole box. She said 10 dollars and I said deal and I came home with 102 books. I still have 30 of them left to list. The vast majority have been 1 cent mass market paperbacks but I did find a 47 dollar text book, a 12 dollar self help book and some mass market paperbacks worth 2.50 and 5 dollars and such. Plus since I got the books for less than 10 cents each (.098 cents) I can even make a little bit of profit off of the 1 cent books. I will make much more than the 10 dollars I spent.

Light in the Box

Have you ever thought of trying to buy electronics wholesale from China. I ran across this site called (which I think is a very cute name) and the sell wholesale electronics from china. They also sell these cute little MP3 players shaped like Mickey Mouse heads. They have one shaped like across too. The Mickey Mouse ones are cute though. They also have Ipod Sunglasses. There a pair of sunglasses with an Ipod built into them with little ear buds that fit in your ears when you put them on. Isn't that a great idea. There less than 30 bucks too. They also have a whole section of WII accessories. I'm waiting for them to come out with some kind of pad you can put on the floor and run on or walk on for the adventure games. Imagine what a great work out you could get with one of those things. You certainly wouldn't have any trouble doing it for an hour. They have the dance pad thing which is cool but I want to be able to play adventure games with it.

They have other stuff on the site other than electronics though. They have a jewelry section and although it doesn't appear to be Chinese jewelery thats so popular right now its definitely not the stuff you see on just about every jewelry site either. I've gone to different jewelry sites and seen the exact same thing for sale over and over but this jewelry is different.
Its a chilly gray day in Arkansas. There is rain in the forecast and not a garage sale anywhere to be found. Hopefully there will be some tomorrow. Book sales have been slow. I only managed to add about 25 books to my inventory this week so thats not helping matters any either. PPP has still not removed page rank from there system. when that happens it can turn everything around. I could be back to making 100 or more a day again. Thats what I was making before page rank was killed anyway. I am soooo sick of waiting!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Home Make-over give away

How would you like to win a 20 thousand dollar home make-over. I sure would. I need to replace my carpet with hardwood floors and ceramic tile. The whole house needs fresh paint. All of this awful carpet has to go. I need to trim and grown molding too. And maybe finally getting decks on the house would be kind of nice. Renuzit is giving away a 20 thousand dollar home make-over. its free to register for the contest, then once you register you submit an essay or a video as your contest entry. A short 2 minute video and the essay shouldn't be more than 240 words (thats really not very long at all, I write entries that long all of the time).

I really like Renuzits fragrances. I like the TriScents product. Its a new one. Its an electric oil air freshener available in seaside breezes and Morning meadow. You can print out a coupon for it off of the website. I've always loved the plug in electric air fresheners. At least as long as I remember to change them. I've never tried to ones that have fans with them. I prefer the kind that you plug in and they just warm up.
I just finished watching my favorite movie of all time ""again"". Yep, you guessed it, Practical Magic was on cable again tonight. I love that movie!!!! It makes me want to go pick fresh herbs (even though there are none to pick right now) and go into the kitchen and brew things!!!!

New Things

There are so many cool new technological advances out now. It just blows my mind. I saw the DIY this thing called a Smart Shower. I didn't totally understand what that was. I guess its pre set water temperatures or something like that. how long is it before we see digital signage
floating in the sky above our heads like something off of blade runner. Well, there's no point in having something like that floating around out in the country so maybe i won't have to worry about that. . . As long as my little section of rural Arkansas stays rural :(.
This one will be written as soon as i think of something to put here.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I love fried Gulf oysters. This is the only way I like oysters unless there being cooked in a soup or something like that. I have always thought of oysters as being more of an elegant food, probably because its not something I have ever eaten a lot of. You don't get many things like oysters in a land locked state so far from the coast. The first time i ate oysters were in that soup I've been talking about where you just threw them into the soup, shells and all. I've also made Rockefeller oysters (which were ok) and and oysters on a half shell with some kind of topping on top of it. I don't remember what exactly. When it comes right down to it though if I am going to have any kind of oysters I'm going to prefer my oysters to be breaded and fried. I have a stepson that loves seafood and he likes his oysters the exact same way.

It can be dangerous to eat oysters if them haven't been stored right after being harvested. You can find out all about that at You can find recipes there too.

You know my income is kind of sucky at the moment and I complain about it a lot. Its not easy going from an easy 150 to 250 dollars a day to just barely scraping 30 to 50 a day but I had to admit there are a lot worse ways to make a living. I go to bed and get up whenever I feel like it. I went to work out at 12:30pm today and was able to stay gone as long as I wanted too. I'm laying on the love seat with the lap top right now while recorded episodes of the X files play. I actually had some ops to do this afternoon (for a change). I'm feeling a little sleepy after burning all of those calories this afternoon so I may make myself a cup of coffee and go sit by the pond before returning to work. Its not as though there isn't a light at the end of the tunnel either. I may be making that much money again before the year is out. I just don't know when thats going to change. Also since the big Googlesmack I've put two more irons in my fire.

Life Lock

I am not very concerned about someone stealing my identity. If they did they would be very disappointed. There is no way there going to be able to get any credit cards under my name. although I have heard of people filing taxes using false ID and such.

My step daughters mother stole her identification when she was 4. She took out a credit card using her social and rented a car with it. Then she took that car and headed off to Texas with it charging everything else she needed along the way. The only reason we found out was because we found out from someone she lived with briefly that she kept getting credit card applications with other peoples names on them in the mail and we got suspicious and ran the kids credit reports. There are these plans that you can enroll in that can watch your credit for you such as life lock. Its 10 dollars a month and 2.50 for kids . If "that woman" ever came back into our lives (which is unlikely since she has multiple felony warrants for her arrest) I might get a plan like that to make sure she didn't try and use there identity again.
My grocery sack wallpaper is coming off of my bathrooms walls. I figured out the secret to getting the paper to stick after I finished the project. You have to double the amount of sugar in your homemade wallpaper paste. I don't actually remember what recipe I used but I'm pretty sure I put that recipe in this blog so I can probably find it without to much difficulty.

Beach and Bluff Weddings

I've seen wedding on beaches on TV. I've never been to a wedding on a beach. I guess the equivalent to a wedding on the beach in a land locked state would be something similar to my first wedding which took place on the bluff at the Mather Lodge. I had a wedding with a rustic elegant theme because the Matther Lodge was very elegant but also made of rustic logs and sitting in a wooded setting with natural native stone on the floors. My colors were red white black and green. The theme on my napkins and on my wedding invitations was that of two trees in black set in white. It was a beautiful wedding.

I wonder what Beach Wedding Invitations would look like. 1st Class Wedding Invitations has some that I liked with see horses on them. I've always loved sea horses. I can imagine colors of bright sky blue, sand, coral, maybe yellow. Beach like colors like that. They have more than must beach invitations though. They have a section with religious invitations (although I didn't find any pagan invitations in there). It would be nice to see some pagan themed wedding invitations since there don't seem to be any.
I need to try and remember to warn my mother when she comes to pick up one of the kids tomorrow not to turn down north side of our circle driveway because its not there anymore. well, its there, just, barely. There are now two trenches worn into it by the storms the other day that would cause a lot of damage to a any car thats low to the ground if the car were to have a tire land in them. I told Bear we need to go get some mulch this weekend and fill in the holes. Mulch will work until we can get some gravel for the driveway sometime this spring or summer. We've decided to just cover the whole driveway, walkways, and everything with river rock. Its cheap and it matches everything else.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Dark Night Sky

Have you ever been in the country and looked up at the stars at night. And when I say in the country I don't mean some cutesy little sub division with street lights every 100 feet or so I mean out in the middle of know where with only the trees, the night air, and you. No lights, and no other cars. Not so much as a camp fire. There is a big difference between the way the sky look at night when your surrounded by street lights and the way it looks with no lights around at all. Not even a full moon. The Milkyway is clearly visible as a cloudy strip right across the middle of the sky. The stars are so incredibly bright that it seems unreal. Its really a breathtaking site. I have spent many hours sitting in the dark, out in the woods, just staring at those stars through the branches of trees.

There is going to be a Dark Sky Festival, April 5, 2008 at 7pm in Harmony's Town Square, in Harmony, Florida. The festival is intended to celebrate and promote the benefits of a night-sky free from excessive artificial light pollution.

I have never really thought of excessive artificial light as light pollution but I guess it could very well be since it takes away from the beauty of the night sky so much. I still think you will always have to get away into the deep country atmosphere to really enjoy the benefits of the clear dark night sky.

The rain has finally stopped and the sun is out. The creek behind our house was a river yesterday. its more normal sized today but still loud enough that the sound of rushing water can be heard all over the yard. Everywhere I look I see green buds and flower blossoms exploding into life. Everything is also very very wet and muddy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I sort of like oysters. I liked fried oysters the best. I don't like the raw ones. I have tried them before and they just don't do it for me. I did put them in a soup once. The soup called for oysters in there shells to just be dumped into the cooking soup and it was served with the shells still in the soup. The soup itself wasn't that great but it was so exotic I made it a few times before everyone refused to eat in anymore. I think it was probably that soup recipe that started me liking Gulf oysters in the first place.

Oysters can be dangerous so its very important that safe post harvest methods are used. Three post-harvest treatment are in use commercially right now. These include individual quick-freezing, low heat pasteurization or heat-cool pasteurization, and high-hydrostatic pressure.

You can find more information about this at
Rain Rain Rain. Its pouring down. I've cleaned the drains in front of the pond twice!!! Its a lot greener outside now than it was this morning. When these spring storms come and the thunder rumbles and the lightening flashes its as if spring is raining down out of the skies instead of sprouting up out of the ground. Bear had me run out to Hastings today and get that movie "I am Legend" since it came out on video today and he knew there was no way we were going to be able to get it later this evening. Were going to watch it now

Fantasy Baseball Software

Have you ever heard of fantasy baseball? I hadn't heard of it until recently. Its where you play a game in which your similar to a baseball team owner or manager. You have a team ad you recruit real life characters for that team. When I say real life I mean there based on real players. You compete against other people managing there own fantasy teams as well. Some of these games are really involved and winning can mean winning a cash prize.

Fantasy Sports Prophet's Fantasy Baseball software is a key tool when it comes to winning fantasy baseball leagues. Its a web based software and can be accessed from anywhere. Players are ranked based on predictive modeling from PhD scientists. Its got an advanced draft assistance tool. There is also a full season roster management feature that updates mid season projections using artificial intelligence. Also available within the software are all stats, injury reports, and other major updates.

There is a 10 dollar special right now as well if you use a special promo code. The code is BMC200.

Some people might think its cheating to use software like this to play games that involve winning money but I assure you its not. its actually very common practice. Even in my husbands poker games people are using odds calculators to help them win money when playing the games.

Its raining again and will probably rain for most of the day. At least Friday and Saturday look like they will be nice so there should be some garage sales to go too. I got 25 books at a garage sale on Saturday for 4.50. I had 8 book sales yesterday, the best in a while and 1 book sale today. Blogging has gotten a little bit better too, but only a little. Were all still waiting for PPP to change there ranking system. That one site making that one change is going to have a significant effect in the amount of income I make every month. It would be more like the days before Googlesmack when I had all kinds of money rolling in. What aggravating is its not really the economy thats hurt my income. It may have hurt book sales but since my store was just starting out it had no where to go but up. Its Google that hurt my income and I would love to hurt them for it!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Do you know what Curcumin is. This is one of those you learn something new everyday kind of posts. Curcumin is a chemical. its what makes turmeric and everything turmeric touches yellow. Turmeric is an herb by the way. I can't remember what you use it to season. I think its eggs and fish and maybe Indian dishes. The only thing i ever used ot for was as a yellow coloring for my homemade soap. Its extracted as an orange yellow crystalline substance and is acidic but turns brown when exposed to Alkalies. Now that some information I will probably never need to know, but its still interesting.

Cool Things

Have you seen those new digital frame. My neighbor has one. I was going to get my mother one for Christmas but thanks to Googlesmack I didn't have the money. I hope next year is different. I really miss those big money weeks. 100 and 150 dollar days. Right before the end they went up to 250. Now I'm lucky to even make 50. Things could change for the better at any moment though. I keep trying to remember that.

My Taco Braid

OOoh my knees hurt!!!!!!

I made a taco braid for dinner. I actually don't cook a whole lot any more. We've been on a convenience food kick lately. Since standing up for 30 minutes or an hour like that on the hard floor has always made my feet hurt i kind of lost the desire. Since I discovered that the tanning bed helps to ease those unexplained aches and pains I'm starting to cook a little bit more often though.

My recipe is a recipe that I found in a Southern Living magazine thats been modified over the years. The original recipe called for canned crescent rolls for the braid and I prefer to make my own bread. I use a recipe for biscuits and add a half a cup of water to give the dough elasticity. My meat filler is simply browned ground beef and with taco seasoning and some cheddar cheese. Its supposed to have olives as well but I'm the only one here that will eat olives. I just roll out my dough into a rectangle, put the ingredients in a middle and then cut the strips along the sides. I fold each one of those strips over so that they overlap and look like a braid. I make another version of this recipe using chunks of ham and American cheese. Its delicious.

Kettering University

I can remember when my ex husband was going to tech. He was taking an engineering course. He ended up quiting. He said that he quit because he didn't see any way to use what he was learning. Looking back on it now it seems like a really lame reason to quit.

Kettering University has engineering co-op programs that are unique in that they place students in companies in their freshman year and then rotate them between school and their jobs . This rotates every 3 months and allows students to gain necessary experience from the beginning of their education instead of toward the end of it. US News and World Reports have ranked Kettering University as the best in the nation for Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering

If this was going on when my ex husband was going to collage he probably wouldn't have felt the way he did about his education. Then again maybe he was just telling me that because he had reached the limit of his abilities and just didn't want anyone to find out. I always had a feeling he wasn't as smart as everyone gave him credit for being. He was pretty good at hiding it though, at least from me. I wasn't really looking for it though.
Oooh how my knees hurt today. I suspect I have tendonitious and I'm resting them today. I already feel the drive to get back into the gym though and I've been thinking maybe low impact exercises such as the stationary bike or the elliptical walker. I don't think those will hurt quiet as bad. walking seems to get to them too so no three mile walks for a while either. I have lost another inch on my waist though :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bull Bars

Have you ever heard of a bull bars. Its a metal or chrome covered bar but on the front of a truck similar to a brush guard. its essentially a square metal bar that makes me thing of bulls horns, only its a connected square. You learn something new everyday I guess. Well maybe not everyday. I don't think I do actually learn something new everyday but at least once a week.
Have you ever seen a Rolex President brand or presidential rolex. The ones I have seen were beyond gaudy. They were covered in diamonds. I went looking for them on the site tonight and didn't find any of them. I loved the ladies watches I saw on there site though. I like them a lit better than what they used to have.
OOooh i have a headache tonight and it doesn't want to go away./ I've taken 4 aspirin and 2 Pamprin (it was all i had) and all its done so far is take the edge off of it. i really wish i would go away.

I love Pearls

I love pearls. Sometimes I go "pearl hunting: on Ebay. I can't really afford to buy any. I think its very interesting that pearls can be dyed different colors and still look soo unbelievably real! Black pearls are my favorites but there extremely expensive. We priced out black pearls in a jewelery store the other day when we were having our jewelery cleaned and a string of black Tahitian pearls was 10 thousand dollars. I didn't know there were people in this town that could afford to spend that much money of a string of pearls.

I've read stories about cultured pearls. I've read about how objects can be placed inside the shells of the oysters to create pearls of a specific shape. That makes me wonder if I could get a pearl pentagram.

I'm supposed to be writing a post about what it would be like if pearls made other things, such as charcoal. If that were the case I don't imagine they would taste very good. Can you imagine opening up an oyster and finding a chunk of charcoal in it, yuck!!!!! Another example would be diamonds. Having walked around at the diamond mines and seeing that disgusting green mud diamonds are formed in that doesn't sound to appetizing either.

There is a website that tells all about oysters called Gulf oysters. You can learn all sorts of things about oysters. There are even some good recipes on the site.

Spring in the Garden

Spring has definitely begun in Arkansas. There are tiny green buds on my weeping willow out front (the snow didn't hurt them at all) my spring bloomers are blooming, my late spring and summer plants are sending up wonderful green shoots. Most of my day lilies (the ones that the dogs haven't crushed) are all an inch or two high.

I've cleared most of the leaves out of my garden before the last big snow and I did some weeding this morning. It rained big time last night so the ground is nice and soft and muddy. I also took a shovel and dug into my Black Knight Canna Lilies. I left them out this winter and just mulched them heavily. Not only did they survive, I think they multiplied!!!! I'm going to have to dig them all up and wash them off because I had a problem with leaf rollers last year and that will give me an idea of just how many I have.

Monday, March 10, 2008

credit cards

There are so many things to think about when getting a credit card. Things like balance transfers, estimated interest, fraud protection and security, and the application process. Do you have online account management and are there any annual usage fees. a lot of people look for credit card with rewards. Its essentially a credit card that awards them for using there credit cards. I know people that use there credit cards to pay there bills each month and then just pay off the whole balance at the end of the month and wrack up tons of cash back rewards like that. has a simple application process and the credit cards they offer appear to be pretty good ones. if your in the Uk or Ireland you may want to check them out.

gravel on the flower beds

Well its the beginning of another week. The snow is melting off of the ground. There are tiny spring flowers blooming in my garden. I swear they must have bloomed under the snow because they were not there before it melted. I still have beds to clean out. I'm not messing with mulch anymore. Its to much of a pain in the butt to deal with every single year. This year were covering everything with gravel. River gravel to be specific. All of the gardens and all of the paths and even the driveway so that everything blends in. River gravel is cheap and easy to get making it easy to replace. Plus the dogs are less likely to try and turn my flower beds into there own personal beds is there covered in river rock.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Auctions and Divorces

A few years ago, right after the new D street opened up there was a land auction for some commercial real estate along that road and by the new exit on that side of town. I've often wondered why they auctioned it and didn't just put it up for sale. Usually when something goes up for auction its because the owners are divorcing and they won't decide who will get what so the court forces them to auction it. It would seem to me you run the risk of loosing money when you auction something and it would be more practical to just sell it that divide the proceeds than to auction it. But I've been fortunate enough to not go through a really messy divorce. My divorce was pretty easy. We agreed on pretty much everything, but I made it that way. I could have made it a lot harder than I did.

Teenagers and Acne

I really really need to think about getting Coyote an acne treatment. His skin is not really really bad but it could be better. Acne is part of being a teenager and he certainly doesn't seem to be self conscious about it. To tell you the truth I don't even know if he would use it if I bought it for him. He is in that stage where he won't go take a shower until you complain about how bad he smells. A few weeks ago his dad made him strip his sheets off and wash them in the middle of the week because he said the smell from them was smelling up the whole house. I didn't notice anything like that but bear has some kind of mutated super nose or something. He can be in the living room and smell it when the cat uses the litter box in the bathroom. Is gotten worse since he quit smoking.

This Sucks!!!!!!!

Well, my power is out ""again"". My favorite coffee shop burned down a few days after the big windstorm. I tried to go to Hastings to get my ads done and complete the training for a new telecommunications company I got hired on with but there internet wasn't working. Unfortunately the people working behind the counter in there coffee shop didn't bother to tell me it was out until I spent 20 minutes trying to connect and finally asked about it. I'm really pretty pissed about it because they saw me carry my laptop in. So now I'm sitting in McDonalds getting my ads done. The manager that was going to train me is off line now. Its 9pm in the UK right now. The power is supposed to be back on by 8am tomorrow morning. But its going to be 16 degrees tonight and I'm trying to decide if we should try and spend the night at home or not. Commodore stinks so bad I hate to try and bring him to my mothers place and I also hate to leave him alone with no fire to keep him, Odin, and the cat Patch from getting to cold tonight. Hopefully the power will come back on before it starts tog et really cold.

The Sedona Method

I have this book, "the Sedona Method". I picked it up a few weeks ago when scouting out used books for my book store. I've gotten half way through it and now I'm to busy to do any reading again. Mine did not come with the free CD though. I wonder if I can get the free Cd without ordering a new book. Used books rarely come with the CD.

The Sedona Method is a tool for becoming part of the peaceful revolution in consciousness and value that is sweeping the planet. We all know this planet could use a lot more peace. The website refers to this as a a new earth. Some of the topics the book discusses are, the technique for a new Earth, Spiritual Enlightenment, how to Transcend the physical pain, and how to transcend the ego. On the website there are for 4 audio samples of some of the courses and it looks like an 800 number you have to call to get your free CD and DVD or you can submit your email address. Since I hate talking on the phone I will probably submit my email. They probably will want me to pay for shipping though and I don't usually go for that.


We have a foot of snow on the ground this morning. Unfortunately for Bear the roads are not bad enough for him to miss work. I'm not leaving the house though. Its going to be above freezing today and then drop down below freezing tonight again so the roads may or may not clear. Its still snowing though and its supposed to continue to snow throughout the day, although not as heavy as yesterday I;m sure. At least I hope not.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Plasma TV Stands

They sell plasma TV's where bear works. The people that buy them are not allowed to hang them on the wall because Rent A Center is concerned that vibrations will cause the TV to vibrate right off of the wall. They have these special plasma TV mount things. Is basically a stand that the Plasma TV attaches to. I've seen them for sale at Wal-Mart. There kind of interesting.
It is snowing outside again. There is already nearly 6 inches out there and its not supposed to stop until sometime tomorrow night. There saying were going to get another foot. I am really ready for winter to be over with.

Light Beer

Do you drink light beer? I think I was 5 or younger the last time I tried Beer.My dad drank it all of the time and he used to give me a sip of it before he drank the whole thing. My dad drinks beer like most people drink iced tea. I liked it back then but at some point in time I just kind of lost my taste for it. There is a survey about light beer where you can win a chance to win a 300 dollar gift certificate from amazon. Its a text survey. To take it you have to text the word Beer to the word beer to 247365. To view the rules for the contest click here. If you drink light beer you may want to enter the survey to have a chance to win that 300 dollar gift certificate from amazon. I can think of a lot of things I could buy with a 300 dollar gift certificate from amazon. This does look like a premium text service so make sure you take a loot at what your being charged per text received when your answering the questions.some of them charge outrageous rates on those services like 4.99 or 5.99 per text received.
Things seem to be picking up a little bit now that its march. Ads and book sales are increasing. finally. If I could just manage to scrap up enough cash to buy a pallet from a wholesaler it would probably go up a lot more. The more I have in my inventory the more I'm going to sell and a pallet holds anywhere from 700 to 1000 used books. The only problem with buying unsorted wholesale used books is you get what you get, lol. Some of them are always going to be so damaged there not worth selling.

Win a Wii

Have you seen or tried out those new Nintendo Wii's. My husband wants one of those. They play them at work after hours while there waiting for the reports to run. Its the game that uses those hand motion things. I'll be more interested in playing when they create a pad you can walk on so the adventure games actually require physical motion. You know you could spend hours on your feet exercising if it was connected to a game like Zelda a Mario game or something. Charter high speed Internet is giving away a Nintendo Wii. There also giving away free internet for life if your in there service area. I don't think I am :(. Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! and if your in there service area be sure and register with your zip code to win internet for life. I wish I could win something like that. My internet and cable cost me 149 dollars a month. You can find rules for the contest at I think I'm going to go enter the contest and then have a chance to win a wii for Bear. He would love that. Hmm. If I did I might not ever get a chance to watch Tv in the bedroom because he would always be playing on it.
Its supposed to snow again today!!!! The second time this month and its march. Its supposed to be the beginning of spring and this will be the second snow since the first. The local weather is saying just our area will get anywhere from 3 to 5 inches. Higher in the mountains there getting close to 9 inches. All winter long and we had 1 day with snow. It fell at noon the day after Christmas and melted off before sunset. Now we get this. I have a picture somewhere of seedlings in my kitchen window sill with snow on the ground outside. This reminds me of that.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Door Handles

Most people don't pay very much attention to things like door handles. I pay attention to those things. My first house had plain brass ones but I still loved those plain brass ones and added brass switch plates to match them. The house I lived in with Bear that was up on the hill with the lake view in what has since become a gated neighborhood (a woman who lived just 3 houses from our old one woke up to find a knife to her throat one night) had really interesting brass doorknobs. They were really knobs at all, they were handles and they curved into a spiral on the ends.

This place has brass doorhandles to. There starting to wear out is a mobile home and I'm sure they put in the cheapest ones they could. has a lot of different kind of door handles to choose from.I may replace all of these one day. the ones that get used the most have broken anyway, like the kids doors and the one in the master bedroom. The one in the kids bathroom can't be locked anymore. I even found some crystal doorhandles on Doorchic. I don't think crystal ones would make sense in this house. But there kind of cool just the same.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We woke up to 6 inches of snow on the ground with morning. That doesn't happen very often. its already 38 degrees outside and melting off quickly. Bear and I tried to get out of the driveway this morning and he nearly hit my car and a tree trying to get up the hill.I may go outside in a little while and check to see if we can try again. The snow is very dry and powdery but quickly turning to mush in the sunlight.

I'm usually happy to get snow, but this time my daffodils were blooming and I had green leafy buds on my trees. Usually by the beginning of March spring has begun and things are warming up. its happened before though.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Personal Choices

I was reading this book not to long ago. Actually it was a book I had sold and I was glancing through it before I wrapped it up and sent it off. It was written by this actress that is usually cast as a gold digging blond that always seems to have on to much make-up. She was talking about her experiences having a baby. While at the hospital they sent a nurse to tell her about breastfeeding who wore a pin with a bottle on it and a red slash across the bottle. I've never had a baby but if I did I would get pretty pissed if some nurse came marching into my room preaching to me about how I should feed my baby. I've read about a lot of women (mostly on message boards that couldn't breast feed for a variety of reasons and how they suffered horrible guilt because someone like that nurse convinced them that bottle feeding was going to do irreparable harm to there children. It didn't of course. As long as you use the right kind of baby feeding bottle and maybe a pump I don't see what the difference is anyway. There is a company called Tommee that specializes in baby feeding products from bottles to pumps. There is a even a section of the site that has a midwife you can ask questions. Its an email message though and I think its only available to Uk residents.
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