Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Door Handles

Most people don't pay very much attention to things like door handles. I pay attention to those things. My first house had plain brass ones but I still loved those plain brass ones and added brass switch plates to match them. The house I lived in with Bear that was up on the hill with the lake view in what has since become a gated neighborhood (a woman who lived just 3 houses from our old one woke up to find a knife to her throat one night) had really interesting brass doorknobs. They were really knobs at all, they were handles and they curved into a spiral on the ends.

This place has brass doorhandles to. There starting to wear out is a mobile home and I'm sure they put in the cheapest ones they could. has a lot of different kind of door handles to choose from.I may replace all of these one day. the ones that get used the most have broken anyway, like the kids doors and the one in the master bedroom. The one in the kids bathroom can't be locked anymore. I even found some crystal doorhandles on Doorchic. I don't think crystal ones would make sense in this house. But there kind of cool just the same.


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