Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Software

Have you ever heard of fantasy baseball? I hadn't heard of it until recently. Its where you play a game in which your similar to a baseball team owner or manager. You have a team ad you recruit real life characters for that team. When I say real life I mean there based on real players. You compete against other people managing there own fantasy teams as well. Some of these games are really involved and winning can mean winning a cash prize.

Fantasy Sports Prophet's Fantasy Baseball software is a key tool when it comes to winning fantasy baseball leagues. Its a web based software and can be accessed from anywhere. Players are ranked based on predictive modeling from PhD scientists. Its got an advanced draft assistance tool. There is also a full season roster management feature that updates mid season projections using artificial intelligence. Also available within the software are all stats, injury reports, and other major updates.

There is a 10 dollar special right now as well if you use a special promo code. The code is BMC200.

Some people might think its cheating to use software like this to play games that involve winning money but I assure you its not. its actually very common practice. Even in my husbands poker games people are using odds calculators to help them win money when playing the games.


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