Friday, March 28, 2008

A good find

Bear called me today and told me there was a garage sale sign by the tanning salon (he tans a few days a week there). I wasn't planning on going today because there was rain in the forecast and there weren't going to be many if any at all. I didn't see much out at first but a bunch of clothes but I walked to the back of her carport and found a big box of books. She walked over before I even pulled my phone out and told me if I bought a bunch of them she would give me a discount. I just asked what she would want for the whole box. She said 10 dollars and I said deal and I came home with 102 books. I still have 30 of them left to list. The vast majority have been 1 cent mass market paperbacks but I did find a 47 dollar text book, a 12 dollar self help book and some mass market paperbacks worth 2.50 and 5 dollars and such. Plus since I got the books for less than 10 cents each (.098 cents) I can even make a little bit of profit off of the 1 cent books. I will make much more than the 10 dollars I spent.


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