Friday, March 21, 2008

A Home Make-over give away

How would you like to win a 20 thousand dollar home make-over. I sure would. I need to replace my carpet with hardwood floors and ceramic tile. The whole house needs fresh paint. All of this awful carpet has to go. I need to trim and grown molding too. And maybe finally getting decks on the house would be kind of nice. Renuzit is giving away a 20 thousand dollar home make-over. its free to register for the contest, then once you register you submit an essay or a video as your contest entry. A short 2 minute video and the essay shouldn't be more than 240 words (thats really not very long at all, I write entries that long all of the time).

I really like Renuzits fragrances. I like the TriScents product. Its a new one. Its an electric oil air freshener available in seaside breezes and Morning meadow. You can print out a coupon for it off of the website. I've always loved the plug in electric air fresheners. At least as long as I remember to change them. I've never tried to ones that have fans with them. I prefer the kind that you plug in and they just warm up.


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