Friday, March 14, 2008

I love Pearls

I love pearls. Sometimes I go "pearl hunting: on Ebay. I can't really afford to buy any. I think its very interesting that pearls can be dyed different colors and still look soo unbelievably real! Black pearls are my favorites but there extremely expensive. We priced out black pearls in a jewelery store the other day when we were having our jewelery cleaned and a string of black Tahitian pearls was 10 thousand dollars. I didn't know there were people in this town that could afford to spend that much money of a string of pearls.

I've read stories about cultured pearls. I've read about how objects can be placed inside the shells of the oysters to create pearls of a specific shape. That makes me wonder if I could get a pearl pentagram.

I'm supposed to be writing a post about what it would be like if pearls made other things, such as charcoal. If that were the case I don't imagine they would taste very good. Can you imagine opening up an oyster and finding a chunk of charcoal in it, yuck!!!!! Another example would be diamonds. Having walked around at the diamond mines and seeing that disgusting green mud diamonds are formed in that doesn't sound to appetizing either.

There is a website that tells all about oysters called Gulf oysters. You can learn all sorts of things about oysters. There are even some good recipes on the site.


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