Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Its raining again and will probably rain for most of the day. At least Friday and Saturday look like they will be nice so there should be some garage sales to go too. I got 25 books at a garage sale on Saturday for 4.50. I had 8 book sales yesterday, the best in a while and 1 book sale today. Blogging has gotten a little bit better too, but only a little. Were all still waiting for PPP to change there ranking system. That one site making that one change is going to have a significant effect in the amount of income I make every month. It would be more like the days before Googlesmack when I had all kinds of money rolling in. What aggravating is its not really the economy thats hurt my income. It may have hurt book sales but since my store was just starting out it had no where to go but up. Its Google that hurt my income and I would love to hurt them for it!!!


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