Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beach and Bluff Weddings

I've seen wedding on beaches on TV. I've never been to a wedding on a beach. I guess the equivalent to a wedding on the beach in a land locked state would be something similar to my first wedding which took place on the bluff at the Mather Lodge. I had a wedding with a rustic elegant theme because the Matther Lodge was very elegant but also made of rustic logs and sitting in a wooded setting with natural native stone on the floors. My colors were red white black and green. The theme on my napkins and on my wedding invitations was that of two trees in black set in white. It was a beautiful wedding.

I wonder what Beach Wedding Invitations would look like. 1st Class Wedding Invitations has some that I liked with see horses on them. I've always loved sea horses. I can imagine colors of bright sky blue, sand, coral, maybe yellow. Beach like colors like that. They have more than must beach invitations though. They have a section with religious invitations (although I didn't find any pagan invitations in there). It would be nice to see some pagan themed wedding invitations since there don't seem to be any.


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