Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kettering University

I can remember when my ex husband was going to tech. He was taking an engineering course. He ended up quiting. He said that he quit because he didn't see any way to use what he was learning. Looking back on it now it seems like a really lame reason to quit.

Kettering University has engineering co-op programs that are unique in that they place students in companies in their freshman year and then rotate them between school and their jobs . This rotates every 3 months and allows students to gain necessary experience from the beginning of their education instead of toward the end of it. US News and World Reports have ranked Kettering University as the best in the nation for Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering

If this was going on when my ex husband was going to collage he probably wouldn't have felt the way he did about his education. Then again maybe he was just telling me that because he had reached the limit of his abilities and just didn't want anyone to find out. I always had a feeling he wasn't as smart as everyone gave him credit for being. He was pretty good at hiding it though, at least from me. I wasn't really looking for it though.


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