Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life Lock

I am not very concerned about someone stealing my identity. If they did they would be very disappointed. There is no way there going to be able to get any credit cards under my name. although I have heard of people filing taxes using false ID and such.

My step daughters mother stole her identification when she was 4. She took out a credit card using her social and rented a car with it. Then she took that car and headed off to Texas with it charging everything else she needed along the way. The only reason we found out was because we found out from someone she lived with briefly that she kept getting credit card applications with other peoples names on them in the mail and we got suspicious and ran the kids credit reports. There are these plans that you can enroll in that can watch your credit for you such as life lock. Its 10 dollars a month and 2.50 for kids . If "that woman" ever came back into our lives (which is unlikely since she has multiple felony warrants for her arrest) I might get a plan like that to make sure she didn't try and use there identity again.


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