Friday, March 28, 2008

Light in the Box

Have you ever thought of trying to buy electronics wholesale from China. I ran across this site called (which I think is a very cute name) and the sell wholesale electronics from china. They also sell these cute little MP3 players shaped like Mickey Mouse heads. They have one shaped like across too. The Mickey Mouse ones are cute though. They also have Ipod Sunglasses. There a pair of sunglasses with an Ipod built into them with little ear buds that fit in your ears when you put them on. Isn't that a great idea. There less than 30 bucks too. They also have a whole section of WII accessories. I'm waiting for them to come out with some kind of pad you can put on the floor and run on or walk on for the adventure games. Imagine what a great work out you could get with one of those things. You certainly wouldn't have any trouble doing it for an hour. They have the dance pad thing which is cool but I want to be able to play adventure games with it.

They have other stuff on the site other than electronics though. They have a jewelry section and although it doesn't appear to be Chinese jewelery thats so popular right now its definitely not the stuff you see on just about every jewelry site either. I've gone to different jewelry sites and seen the exact same thing for sale over and over but this jewelry is different.


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