Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Taco Braid

OOoh my knees hurt!!!!!!

I made a taco braid for dinner. I actually don't cook a whole lot any more. We've been on a convenience food kick lately. Since standing up for 30 minutes or an hour like that on the hard floor has always made my feet hurt i kind of lost the desire. Since I discovered that the tanning bed helps to ease those unexplained aches and pains I'm starting to cook a little bit more often though.

My recipe is a recipe that I found in a Southern Living magazine thats been modified over the years. The original recipe called for canned crescent rolls for the braid and I prefer to make my own bread. I use a recipe for biscuits and add a half a cup of water to give the dough elasticity. My meat filler is simply browned ground beef and with taco seasoning and some cheddar cheese. Its supposed to have olives as well but I'm the only one here that will eat olives. I just roll out my dough into a rectangle, put the ingredients in a middle and then cut the strips along the sides. I fold each one of those strips over so that they overlap and look like a braid. I make another version of this recipe using chunks of ham and American cheese. Its delicious.


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