Thursday, March 20, 2008


I love fried Gulf oysters. This is the only way I like oysters unless there being cooked in a soup or something like that. I have always thought of oysters as being more of an elegant food, probably because its not something I have ever eaten a lot of. You don't get many things like oysters in a land locked state so far from the coast. The first time i ate oysters were in that soup I've been talking about where you just threw them into the soup, shells and all. I've also made Rockefeller oysters (which were ok) and and oysters on a half shell with some kind of topping on top of it. I don't remember what exactly. When it comes right down to it though if I am going to have any kind of oysters I'm going to prefer my oysters to be breaded and fried. I have a stepson that loves seafood and he likes his oysters the exact same way.

It can be dangerous to eat oysters if them haven't been stored right after being harvested. You can find out all about that at You can find recipes there too.


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