Monday, March 03, 2008

Personal Choices

I was reading this book not to long ago. Actually it was a book I had sold and I was glancing through it before I wrapped it up and sent it off. It was written by this actress that is usually cast as a gold digging blond that always seems to have on to much make-up. She was talking about her experiences having a baby. While at the hospital they sent a nurse to tell her about breastfeeding who wore a pin with a bottle on it and a red slash across the bottle. I've never had a baby but if I did I would get pretty pissed if some nurse came marching into my room preaching to me about how I should feed my baby. I've read about a lot of women (mostly on message boards that couldn't breast feed for a variety of reasons and how they suffered horrible guilt because someone like that nurse convinced them that bottle feeding was going to do irreparable harm to there children. It didn't of course. As long as you use the right kind of baby feeding bottle and maybe a pump I don't see what the difference is anyway. There is a company called Tommee that specializes in baby feeding products from bottles to pumps. There is a even a section of the site that has a midwife you can ask questions. Its an email message though and I think its only available to Uk residents.


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