Monday, March 31, 2008


Writing something or another was always a big hobby of mine. I was never interested in the whole screenwriting thing. I always thought I would write romantic fiction. The same I love to read. That box I picked up Friday was full of mostly romance novels. There is a college called Sherwood oaks "" which is a screen writers school. It might be interesting to attend a seminar there or something but I doubt if I would ever write anything like that. Writing some kind of fiction would be a lot more fun. At least thats the case for me. but it would still be fun to attend a seminar like that just to see whats involved with it even I never had any plans to do anything like that. Sometimes I just enjoy learning about stuff like that. if your interested in that sort of thing maybe you should visit the site and sign up for a class or something.

I wonder if they only give classes on movie making and screen writing. I knew a girl that went to college to operate a movie camera. I didn't know you could go to college specifically to do that sort of thing but apparently you can. I wonder if they offer classes on that.


Blogger Sherwood Oaks College said...

Sherwood Oaks offers one to three day seminars that are open to anyone that is serious about learning about screenwriting and filmmaking. check us out at

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