Friday, March 07, 2008

The Sedona Method

I have this book, "the Sedona Method". I picked it up a few weeks ago when scouting out used books for my book store. I've gotten half way through it and now I'm to busy to do any reading again. Mine did not come with the free CD though. I wonder if I can get the free Cd without ordering a new book. Used books rarely come with the CD.

The Sedona Method is a tool for becoming part of the peaceful revolution in consciousness and value that is sweeping the planet. We all know this planet could use a lot more peace. The website refers to this as a a new earth. Some of the topics the book discusses are, the technique for a new Earth, Spiritual Enlightenment, how to Transcend the physical pain, and how to transcend the ego. On the website there are for 4 audio samples of some of the courses and it looks like an 800 number you have to call to get your free CD and DVD or you can submit your email address. Since I hate talking on the phone I will probably submit my email. They probably will want me to pay for shipping though and I don't usually go for that.


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