Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring in the Garden

Spring has definitely begun in Arkansas. There are tiny green buds on my weeping willow out front (the snow didn't hurt them at all) my spring bloomers are blooming, my late spring and summer plants are sending up wonderful green shoots. Most of my day lilies (the ones that the dogs haven't crushed) are all an inch or two high.

I've cleared most of the leaves out of my garden before the last big snow and I did some weeding this morning. It rained big time last night so the ground is nice and soft and muddy. I also took a shovel and dug into my Black Knight Canna Lilies. I left them out this winter and just mulched them heavily. Not only did they survive, I think they multiplied!!!! I'm going to have to dig them all up and wash them off because I had a problem with leaf rollers last year and that will give me an idea of just how many I have.


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