Friday, March 07, 2008

This Sucks!!!!!!!

Well, my power is out ""again"". My favorite coffee shop burned down a few days after the big windstorm. I tried to go to Hastings to get my ads done and complete the training for a new telecommunications company I got hired on with but there internet wasn't working. Unfortunately the people working behind the counter in there coffee shop didn't bother to tell me it was out until I spent 20 minutes trying to connect and finally asked about it. I'm really pretty pissed about it because they saw me carry my laptop in. So now I'm sitting in McDonalds getting my ads done. The manager that was going to train me is off line now. Its 9pm in the UK right now. The power is supposed to be back on by 8am tomorrow morning. But its going to be 16 degrees tonight and I'm trying to decide if we should try and spend the night at home or not. Commodore stinks so bad I hate to try and bring him to my mothers place and I also hate to leave him alone with no fire to keep him, Odin, and the cat Patch from getting to cold tonight. Hopefully the power will come back on before it starts tog et really cold.


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