Thursday, March 06, 2008

Win a Wii

Have you seen or tried out those new Nintendo Wii's. My husband wants one of those. They play them at work after hours while there waiting for the reports to run. Its the game that uses those hand motion things. I'll be more interested in playing when they create a pad you can walk on so the adventure games actually require physical motion. You know you could spend hours on your feet exercising if it was connected to a game like Zelda a Mario game or something. Charter high speed Internet is giving away a Nintendo Wii. There also giving away free internet for life if your in there service area. I don't think I am :(. Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! and if your in there service area be sure and register with your zip code to win internet for life. I wish I could win something like that. My internet and cable cost me 149 dollars a month. You can find rules for the contest at I think I'm going to go enter the contest and then have a chance to win a wii for Bear. He would love that. Hmm. If I did I might not ever get a chance to watch Tv in the bedroom because he would always be playing on it.


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