Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pocket watches

Isn't it a pity that people don't wear pocket watchs has worn anymore. I always thought that they were very attractive. Its really a pity that they went out of style. My dad had a pocket watch. I don't know why because I think maybe he has worn a suit maybe 3 times that I can remember.
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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Don't you just love pearls. I love pearls. I love all kinds of pearls but I think black pearls are my favorite. They don't have to be real either. They can be dyed. Its amazing how realistic they look when there dyed. But they do come naturally colored in all sorts of beautiful colors. I would love to have a string of Akoya pearls one of these days.
This part time job thing is definitely causing me to loose weight. Its not just the activity from the job itself its the fact that I barely have time to breath these days!!! When I do have a meal its often When going from point a to point b or taking a minute to grab a bite in between online projects. The other night I found myself pulling my pants up because they kept sliding down on my hips.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Not Feeling Creative Today

Hmmm, gee, lets talk about term insurance. Like I haven't had to write about that a dozen times. Actually I just have to write a little post and put that link in it, it doesn't actually have to be about term life insurance and thats a good thing because I really don't think I feel creative enough to make something like that up today.
Another day and another dollar. I have work at Wal-Mart tonight, happy joy joy. Actually its not all that bad. I like it when its busy. My clothes are fitting looser to and thats always a good sign. I went garage saling this morning because bear called me and told me there were some out there. He also cleaned the back bedroom for me and moved a book shelf out of Coyotes room that he wasn't using for some of my inventory. There is an old TI stand back there as well that I can use. This helps get all of them out of the formal living room. I found a brown skirt that I can wear to work to. Were allowed to wear any variation of the colors between khaki and dark brown. We can also wear any shade of blue for our top between royal blue and navy blue. Finding blue tops that fit comfortably was pretty easy but finding bottoms has been a little bit more difficult. I have this a rule about anything that puts pressure on my waist or feels to tight in the arms. I refuse to do physical labor in uncomfortable clothes.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Shangri La Garden

I love gardening. Most people that know me know that. And if they don't know that they figure it out the first time they visit me at home and discover my 3000 square feet of flower beds, the rock garden wall, the pond. Everywhere you look flowers bloom, most of the year anyway.

In 1933 a book was published called Lost Horizon. I haven't read it but now that I know its out there I may have to keep an eye out for it when book scouting. Since the publication of this book the term “Shangri La” has represented a place of beauty, peace and enlightenment. I did not know thats where that term came from. I have certainly heard it before. Stevie Nicks wrote a song called "Trouble in Shangri La".

In Orange Texas Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation have created the Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center. I've heard of this place before. I didn't know it was in Texas though. The mission of the garden is to improve and enrich the quality of life in Southeast Texas and to encourage education. The garden features a unique eco system containing more than 300 different kinds of plants in five formal garden "rooms” as well as four sculpture “rooms.” Next to the garden . . . actually joined to the garden is a bird blind which allows visitors to observe nesting birds in Shangri La’s heronry. the garden also offers a hands-on exhibit called the Nature Discovery Center, a laboratory, and three outdoor classrooms located deep in the cypress swamp for visitors to enjoy. The Orientation Center offers an Exhibit Hall, Discovery Theater, Children’s Garden, Exhibition Greenhouses, Café, and Garden Store.

This is the first project in Texas and the 50th project in the world to earn the U.S. Green Building Council's Platinum certification for LEED®-NC. This certification verifies the design and construction of Shangri La has reached the highest green building and performance measures.

Time to Plant

Since taking that part time job at Wal_mart my free time has been extremely limited. Its supposed to be part time but there idea of part time is a 7 hour day with an hour long lunch. 7 hours out of my day is a lot. I spend the rest of the time working on the book store and my blogs and snatching a moment here and there for a cup of coffee in the garden. It sucks!!!! But it is good exercise. The don't see very many over weight people working at Wal-Mart and the ones that you do see have very clearly lost a lot of weight recently!!! So far I do like the work environment . . . Even if it does feel like I'm walking on daggers by the end of the night. Another plus side is a few of my co workers are heavy readers and one of them just "gave" me 6 boxes full of mystery books. There has to be at least 300 of them there and there not all mass market paperbacks either. There are some hard covers in there. Yesterday was my day off and I finally got around to getting some things planted. I planted some Cucumbers,, Basil, and Thyme. I also planted some moon blossoms and hollyhocks and there are some morning glory seeds soaking on the fridge that I plant to plant under the willow tree . I still have a rainbow mix of heirloom tomatoes to plant, a mixed package of yarrow, nasturtiums (yes I'm going to try again), cantaloupe, California poppy, and lavender seeds to plant. I'm debating about planting gourds this year or not. i have so many of them already and the vines really take up a lot of space.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Funny t Shirts

Have you ever put the words funny t-shirts into a search engine. There are some really good ones out there. I saw one once that said "I support single mothers" and it had a stripper on a pole on the front of it. Not that I'm saying you should wear that sort of thing. You might get your butt kicked.

Silk Sheets

I saw some silk bedding for sale the other day. I've never slept on silk sheets before. I've slept on satin before but never silk. I'm not sure if I would like it. I think I prefer cotton bed sheets better than anything else. There soft and cool and comfortable. Maybe thats just because its what I'm used too.


What is Titleist golf. well as it turns out its a brand name for gold clubs. I don't play golf so I can't really tell you very much. I can't even tell you how expensive they are or if there considered expensive at all. They are very very attractive though.

Monday, April 14, 2008

What the Future may Hold

I've been reading articles about the riots in Haiti. I saw a clip about the dirt cookies there eating because they can't afford food. The price and rood continues to rise here and I wonder how long before people in America get pissed off enough to riot in the streets. I doubt we will be eating cookies made of dirt when that happens.

You know when my husband bought a gun a few months ago I thought he was being a little silly. After all we don't even bother to lock our doors out here. Maybe its not such a bad idea after all though. There is a website called lapolicegear.com where you can find all sorts of police gear. You never know it might come in handy. You can even find safariland holsters on the site.
Well we had a frost last night and it looks like were going to have another one tonight and more flooding rain after that. I had orientation for my "so called" part time job at Wal-mart today. As it turns out my shift will actually be 7 hours long with an hour long lunch break. Hopefully I can manage 7 hours away from the home and my book store and my blogging.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meeting People Online

There are new ways to meet people online popping up on the internet every single day. I think its awesome because we can connect to people from all over the world. Language isn't even a barrier anymore. My step son has a translator that he hooks up to his messenger and it translates things typed in other languages.

An example of this is a new community I have discovered. everyone knows what a file sharing program is where you can download free music others have uploaded. This community is a community where you can download music and photos and other stuff and you can talk to the people that have uploaded them. I don't think there are any other communities out there like that so just go join 3gb community www.3gb.biz. Who knows what else you might have in common with someone who likes the same music.

I think I am finally getting my monthly and I feel miserable. But I'm glad its here because its six !@#$%^& late and I was about to go out and buy a pregnancy test. PMS messes me up though. When I saw mess me up I mean it gives me the most ungodly gas. bear says it smells like something has died during the hottest months of summer. He's wrong though. I know what a dead animal smells like in the heat of summer and I promise you this is much worse. If I believed in hell it would be like something from the pits of hell. It might just run the devil out of hell. I know everyone really wanted to read that.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Birthday Invitations

Does anyone send out birthday invitations anymore. Even for there kids birthdays. My kids never get those cute little birthday invitations in the mail. They don't really get invited to parties either. I guess maybe people have just stopped having stuff like that. Well, birthdays are overrated anyway. I think we all know that.

Truck Accident Lawyer ??

I've heard of truck accident lawyers before. I've had to write about them before as well. What I don't understand is why a person would need to be as specific as a truck accident lawyer. Does it really matter what kind of vehicle you were involved in an accident with? I don't understand why it matters if its a car, a truck, a van or a freaking helicopter.

Things I'm Sick of

You know what I am sick of blogging out lately is life insurance quotes. Life insurance quotes, payday loans, casino's. I am sick sick sick of it. I have really really been missing the good ole days before Googlesmack. But . . . On an interesting note. I did hex Google shortly after the mass page rank drop directed at paid bloggers and there stock has dropped 260 points since then. I'm not done with them by a long shot though >:)
I took a beautiful walk in the woods this morning. The sky was stormy and gray and you can hear the water from the two streams on the property rushing from almost everywhere. Trees are budding out everywhere and the dogwoods are blooming. It was a very very peaceful walk. just what a person needs in the morning.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pharmacy Tech Training

Have you ever wanted to be a pharmacy technician. I've never understood how that job could really be interesting. You count pills and weigh things. Its supposed to pay really well though. The last I heard pharmacy tech salary is supposed to be 60 grand a year. If your interested in becoming a pharmacy tech then you should check out Medical-Career-training.com.
This morning Bear and I went to the UPS office and he mailed a case of cleaner a restaurant in Missouri called the Raspberry Station. Thats the second time in a week we've gotten an order called in so I guess bear ordered that 10 cases of supplies just in time.

Sales have been steady for the book store. Nothing to jump up and down about. I've decided to save all of my book scouting for Saturday that way I can hit the garage sales and the Good Will all at once and save on gas since the drive into town is kind of far. Paid blogging has been "ok". It would be a lot better if it weren't for the page rank issues. A "lot" better.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Gift Cards

Those little corporate gift cards are all over the place these days. Bear got a rebate on the kids cell phones the other day and it came in the form of gift cards from AT&T. Most of the time when your getting a cooperate gift card like that you have to order at least 1000 of them to get your company logo on them, but there is this company called gift card labs new cooperate program you don't have to order them nay to get your company logo on them anymore.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A really cool Blog

Every now and then I run across a blog that truly grabs my attention for whatever reason. This blog is called "What I See Out My Window". The blog consists of pictures of what different people from all over the world see out there window along with a description. Anyone can send in a picture and a description. I'm going to send one in myself.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Patio Furniture

You know that patio furniture I have out front is starting to look pretty rough. That glass topped table is all scratched up and the fake wicker is starting to break in places. I always liked it though. I bet I will still be able to find tables and chairs that look like that particular table and chairs does. I've seen them out there the past few years.

Branson real estate

I keep coming across Branson property for sale. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that because theres property for sale everywhere right Builders around here keep building the houses though, even the expensive ones. I guess they have to to continue to make money though. I'm sure they don't want to get real jobs.
I had a successful day at garage saling. Last weekend I came home with two boxes full of books. They were mostly 1 cent books with a few money books but since I got them all so cheap i didn't mind selling the 1 cent books. There were enough good money ones in the boxes to more than pay for the whole box and still make a profit. I had 200 all together last weekend. This weekend i only came home with 28 books but they were all larger money books. Now If I could just find a way to come home with 200 big money books for the amount of money I spent on books last weekend ;)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Unlimited Music Downloads

I have a membership to Rhapsody music. I get to listen to all the music I want as long as its on Rhapsody. If I want to put it on my Ipod I have to pay 89 cents a download. I recently learned that you can Download Unlimited Music w/ Napster Now. I remember Napster when I first learned about downloading music for free off of the internet. I think they were the first site to get sued by the music industry but I can't say for sure. I Do remember going to the Napster site and it was closed. I guess its back open now. I'm going to check it out. I would much rather download my music for free. Napster certainly costs the same as Rhapsody does and they even take PayPal which is even better. They have a free trial service right now. You can try it free for 7 days so I think I'm going to go ahead and try it out. I am going to cancel my rhapsody anyway. Since I went to using the laptop full time I don't listen to it through my bigger speakers and the sound on the lap top is terrible.

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