Friday, April 25, 2008

Another day and another dollar. I have work at Wal-Mart tonight, happy joy joy. Actually its not all that bad. I like it when its busy. My clothes are fitting looser to and thats always a good sign. I went garage saling this morning because bear called me and told me there were some out there. He also cleaned the back bedroom for me and moved a book shelf out of Coyotes room that he wasn't using for some of my inventory. There is an old TI stand back there as well that I can use. This helps get all of them out of the formal living room. I found a brown skirt that I can wear to work to. Were allowed to wear any variation of the colors between khaki and dark brown. We can also wear any shade of blue for our top between royal blue and navy blue. Finding blue tops that fit comfortably was pretty easy but finding bottoms has been a little bit more difficult. I have this a rule about anything that puts pressure on my waist or feels to tight in the arms. I refuse to do physical labor in uncomfortable clothes.


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