Thursday, May 29, 2008

Music Lyrics

I made an interesting discovery a few months back. I figured out that if you had this song you used to like to listen to and if you could remember one line from that song you can punch that one line into a search engine and websites will come up that have the song. An example of this was the song Stay by Shakespeare's Sister. I wanted the song but I had no idea what it was called or who sang it. All I had to remember was the line "You better hope and pray that you make it back safe to your own world". I punched that in a search engine and up the songs name and the singer popped along with a whole history of the band. I then downloaded it from one of those file sharing sites. Thats just an example of how those lyrics sites can be useful though. Say you know some Nas Lyrics but don't know what song they go to because you heard it on the radio and you may or may not know the name of the song you hear. If you can find the rap lyrics at a site like you can find the band and find the song your looking for to put on your Ipod.
I finally broke down and told my husband that I was writing again. I kept going back and forth on telling him but it was very very difficult to find time to write and the reason was because of the demands he was making on my time. If he knows I'm taking the time to write I don't think he will as upset about it. especially since I told him the story. He liked it. I couldn't put it into the terms of "Would you read this book" because he doesn't read fiction. He hasn't even read the Harry Potter Books. But if I put it in the terms of "Would you see this movie" he says yes I definitely would see this movie.

Chapter 3 has been fleshing itself out in my head. I may not have as much trouble reaching 5000 words as I thought I was going to have. I'm loving the way it ends. As she drifts through the planets twilight suffering from hypothermia and loosing consciousness her little raft bumps into the side of the hero's large wooden Pirate Ship.

There is one section of chapter three I go back and forth in including. I don't think its ever been included in a fantasy romance . Its worth a shot though.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Logo designs, check it out

Hey check it out I made a logo for my store through You can use there little logo design program for creating logo designs with. The one I made is below. I can't afford to buy them and I really wouldn't have any need for business cards with my logo on them since all of my business is done online anyway. I do need a stamp or address labels with my business name and logo on them. I was going to go with address labels but I think I would be better off with a stamp for my envelopes and an ink pad with dark gray ink in it.
I got another 1000+ words written yesterday on my story. I'm nearing the ends of chapter two now and venturing into the dreaded chapter 3. I have to try and flesh out 5000 words while my protagonist is floating on a 4ftx4ft wooden raft on the Gliese ocean and try to keep it interesting. I already know that her little raft will put her into a current in the ocean which draws her toward the side of the planet thats always night and where its much colder. She ends up with hypothermia. That might give me 1500 words. I have to hope that I can fill up the rest of it with interesting thoughts and bits and pieces of my protagonists life on earth. I think I can probably fit a hallucination in there brought on my starvation. I might be able to pull 5000 words out of that.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

For Your Protection

The world is kind of a mess right now. Do you ever wonder if we got rid of our governments if we would be a more peaceful world. The men making the decisions just don't seem to have out best interest in mind anymore. I'm not just talking about our government either. At you can find things you might feel are necessary for your protection should like tactical holsters things get as bad as they have in other countries with the lack of "affordable" food and such.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bear's First Firework Show!!!

I am writing this post from the Clarion resort Hotel in Hot Springs. Bear and Squirrels show went off perfectly. There very excited about it. We took a video which will be uploaded onto you tube and I will be linking to it when its up. Today was a very nice day out of town and I look forward to being able to do this more often. The man they worked with tonight is going to throw shows there way that they aren't able to do. That's a minimum of 250 earned a show per person after expenses. I hope i get to go with them often. Its going to be hard to take days off with my part time job. I really wish my work at home was making the kind of money it used to make and not because I want to work full time from home again. I actually don't mind my part time job. But I do miss being able to go out and do things like this when I want too.

When we got here this morning we played miniature golf at a course with a pirate theme. it had a huge waterfall in the middle and little streams running all through it. One of the holes was in a man made cave underneath the giant waterfall. It was really hot and humid but so much fun. Then we went to lunch and I ended up going into the bathroom and throwing up afterward. The kids I think it was the tea. Tammy and the kids and I hung out at the hotels pool all day long and then we ate at the Olive garden for dinner. I didn't throw it up this time.

The hotel is very nice. I don't think I have ever stayed in a hotel this nice. One of these pillows is coming home with me one way or another. There feathers on onside and soft shredded foam on the other side. The comforters made from a shiny gold fabric and were very very soft and I suspect they were feather as well. The beds have mattress pads on them. The walls of the rooms were painted rust and gold. All of the hotels I have stayed in had really hard beds and pillows with plain bedspreads on them instead of actual comforters. They also had wall coverings that you would expect to see in doctors offices that haven't redecorated since the 70's. Our hotel also has a nice little pool and there was a bar by the pool where you could buy mixed drinks. There was also a boat dock off of the pool so you could pull your boat right up to the hotel in your boat. I had such a nice time. I hope to be able to get to do it again soon.

Despite bringing my laptop I wasn't able to write at all. Since its a holiday I only sold 1 book and didn't write any ads, nor was I able to work on my story any. I may have come up with the conflict between my protagonist and my antagonist that I was having so much trouble with. My antagonist is going to be a power hungry bitch who is threatened by people who may or may not be stronger than she is and that she can't control. A Witch is obviously something she would have a problem with. She is bent on revenge after her Lord is dethroned by the pirate that rescued the protagonist from the ocean after the prison ship she was on put her a drift when the spell she cast for seasickness backfired and left them dead in the water.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I went to buy a swimsuit for this weekend and got a look at myself in the mirror and there was this big fat lady standing in front of me wearing the same darn swimsuit. She would not get out of my way either. Ok I was actually stating at myself.

I was once inspired by a TV commercial about a faucet to start running. Maybe seeing myself in that mirror will inspire me to get thin again. I'm going to keep that picture of myself in my head. The way I looked in that mirror will be my inspiration (even though I know the mirrors in the dressing rooms at Wal-Mart make you look fatter than you are)
I got past my writers block on chapter two. I'm pretty please with what I came up with. Our protagonist makes the first actual attempt at magic during the course of the story and we get to see it back fire on her. That backfire gets her set adrift and thats how our hero finds her. I may have a problem though. If my figures are correct then our hero comes into the book at the beginning of chapter 4. Chapter 6 will find her working in the Kitchen of the lord and lady who position she will later hold. By the time I reach chapter 6 I'm only going to be around 30 thousand words. I can't see her working in the kitchen past chapter 7 or its going to get to boring but I have to write at least 75 thousand words. Chapter 7 will probably have the castle under attack and chapter 8 will involve her and her partners being arrested for growing an illegal hallucinogenic plant. She is then rescued from execution by our hero who is in fact the person who attacked the castle and won it. Chapter 9 will involve her trying to rescue her friend and the hero going after her. All the while he will think her male friend is a lover when he is not. Chapter 9 is still going to just at 45 thousand words if I continue with the 5 thousand word chapters. My story could easily end in chapter 10 or 11 which would only give me 55 thousand words. I am planning on keeping the Lords widow and our protagonists former Mistress in the book after the protagonist comes back to the castle. They are to be married so she can give him heirs that are half Witch. If I can create a conflict that isn't to cheesy and actually makes sense with the story using the antagonist (the former mistress) then I can probably stretch it out another 3 more chapters and maybe stretch the time my couple spends on the ship together when they first meet another chapter. That would give me the 75 thousand words I need.

Who knows what else I will add by the time I get to that point though. After all the protagonist getting set adrift from the first prison ship for screwing up a motion sickness spell just popped inh there last night and the idea of her hero rescuing her while she is adrift is one that just came up last week. Originally the hero was the captain of the prison ship.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was never a big fan of history. I always thought it was boring. Math and history were always the two classes I hated the most. Strangely enough though I do like historical romances. Its those books that made history a little more worth while for me. Its also caused me to develop a love for historical places. We don't have a history Museum here in my little home town. We had an art museum once but it turned into place that sold framed prints and did photo framing rather than an art gallery. I don't think we have ever had a museum like Stark Museum of Art though. They have a section dedicated to rt of the American west. I don't know if its art dedicated to the American West or if its Art from the American west. I didn't know that there was a whole lot of art from those days other than American Indian . But I guess that kind of art is really cool enough. I love Indian Art work. The Stark Museum of rt focuses on Western Art, American Indian Art, Decorative Arts, and Rare Books and Manuscripts.

Being a book dealer I am fascinated by the books and manuscripts. I am always on the look out for rare valuable books or manuscripts like that one I have on the shelf in there in a plastic case thats worth 500 dollars. I wonder what kind of rare books I would find there. Probably not the kind that you can list in an Amazon books store. I can bet you that, but still something I think might be worth seeing though. I have developed such a fascination with old things thanks to romance novels and my frequent visits to Eureka Springs.

The season of growth

Today was a nice warm day. There is a leak in the Koi pond. There are tiny buds popping up on my day lilies and the pink roses growing over the pond will soon be blooming. I trimmed the low hanging limbs on the weeping willow today. Its branches now hand over the walkway. I had strawberries straight off of the plant for breakfast and there are little green blackberries on the vines growing wild behind the house.

Lab Techs

Do you wonder what they do in clinical laboratory service. I've been in the hospital a few times and I get these lab bills or you hear about "lab work" being sent off. I have often thought it would be really cool to have a job working in a laboratory. But then I remember that book I read called The Hot zone where samples of Ebola were sent to a lab to be tested because this guy didn't know why his monkeys were dying and exposed the the lab techs to it. I guess you would be at higher risk for things like that if you worked in a lab.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Boom Brother

Its been a long day. I sold 10 books and wrote 3 ads. I would like to have sold more ads but oh well. I also went to work at my part time job at Wal-Mart today.

This weekend we get to go and stay overnight in Hot Springs. Bear is helping out with the fireworks for Memorial day in Hot Springs. He and our friend Squirrel who both got there Pyrotech licenses together and will be doing the fireworks for the church on the 4th of July as well. The church is buying the equipment (which includes a special firing board with switches and special tubes for shooting them off. One of the pastors of the church made a banner for them and a logo for them to get T shirts made out of with Charectures of both of them on it and the logo "The Boom Brothers" across the top of it. There both very excited.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Have you ever heard of Delsey luggage. You can find it at Its just one of those things I will probably never have a need for. You know there are quiet a few of of those that I have been writing about lately. There are a lot of people that won't have a need for luggage anymore because no body is going to be doing any traveling.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New editions downtown.

I think I saw a drug treatment center going in downtown near the post office. We only have one of those here and I didn't think we had a need for another one, but I could be wrong about that. I bet that veterinarians clinic over there isn't very happy about that.

They have the most beautiful Cana lilies over there. They have brown bronze leaves and big orchid like orange flowers on them.

My garden

I bought some annual plants today and even stole a few perennials. The ones I stole were some little sedum cuttings. I bout some very pretty annual bloomers that are going to look lovely in my already very lush garden. You know I redid the flower bed by the pond a year ago. I ripped everything out of it and moved things around and filled it mostly with day lilies. A lot of my echinacea came back and I left some things and just dug up the stuff around them. This will be the second growing season since I did this and its so full and lush it looks like I never did anything to it (except that it still looks better than it did before).

There are still a lot of things that need to be moved and even with all of this room out here I am out of places to put things. I knew a woman who put all of the plants she didn't want in a box at the end of her driveway with a sing that said "free plants". I would do that if it wasn't for the fact that the dogs would chase everyone off. Maybe I will give my neighbors some things. They seem to be putting some effort into gardening.

Things to do

Back when bear was able to sell his cleaning supplies full time it meant we could take tax deductible working vacations to all sorts of places. My favorite of these was Orlando. There are lots of things to do in Orlando. We had so much fun there. Business was so good in Florida back then that Bear was often done with work by 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Heck back the the economy was so good that he was done by 3 am just about everyday. Boy those were the days. One day I would like to go on a business trip to Boston. I bet there would be lots of Things to do in Boston as well to keep me entertained while bear works. Maybe even some of my favorite past time of book scouting.

Maybe someday gas prices will get better or we will come up with cheaper better sources of fuel and the economy will improve and he can start going on the road to sell cleaner again.

If you are lucky enough to still have the ability to travel extensively you may want to check out Trusted Tours & Attractions at where you fill find lists of things to do in different cities that are also popular tourist attractions.

Another day and another dollar. There haven't been very many dollars today, thats for sure. I don't have 1 book sale for today and I am about to write my very first add for the day too. Its not even a good one. At least they haven't all been like this. After I write it I'm going to the post office to ship off some books and then I'm going book scouting. Book Scouting is always fun, its like a treasure hunt.

Monday, May 12, 2008

List Brokers

Have you ever heard of a list broker. Its a person who sells lists of email addresses, regular address or people that might be interested in a product you have to sell. is a place where you find find lists brokers that you can buy lists from.

The Gadget Toolbar

I finally figured out how to get that gadgets tool bar to stay on. Its not called a gadgets tool bar though my computer all of the time. It was called a windows tool bar or something like that and I fixed it so that it sits permanently on top. I have a little thing on the side that shows the current moon phase and one that constantly changes different pretty pictures. There is a calculator and a little weather button to. Even a note pad, although it doesn't save my notes once I turn the computer off.

Sports Betting

I am not into sports betting or anything like that but some people are. I think my dad has bet on sporting events in the past. Not a whole lot, just a little bit. but if you do bet on sporting events a lot then you may want to check out and take a look at there football picks

Definitly calling in sick today

Its been decided I am definitely calling in sick today. I have so many books to list anyway and it will give me a chance to catch some ads and maybe make up for having such a crappy weekend. It would be sooo nice to be able to go back to working from home full time.

Coming out of your Shell

We have all had embarrassing moments. some of us prefer not to talk about them or just forget they ever happened. That can be hard to do. sometimes though your just better off taking advantage of the moment. Like taking a bow when a group of people applauds you for doing something stupid. Just act natural and come out of your shell.

On you can learn all about Gulf oysters. Things like how to cook them and how to be safe about eating them and stuff like that. its really a very informative website.
I was at work when those bad storms came through. There are skylights in the roof at the Wal-Mart Super center and when heavy rain falls on them the sound roars through the store. Its our only connection to the outside though. The worst of it missed us this time, for a change.

I'm sick today. Its allergies think. I've been sitting here trying to figure out if I'm going to go to work today or not.

Friday, May 09, 2008

What are you Driving

So what is everyone doing to try and get around the ridiculous price of gas. bear is planning on using or economic stimulus package to convert our cars to hydrogen hybrids. There is a guy in Little Rock that can do it for 225 dollars per car and in less than an hour. We've also discussed buying scooters to get back and forth to work on when the weather is nice since they get 100 miles a gallon. The weather is nice in Arkansas for most of the year as long as its not raining or anything.

I've heard of some people who don't have to travel often who are renting hybrids when they have to go long distances. Your not going to save much money by going the rent a car route that because it costs so much to rent a carr but you will save on gas.

One such place you could look into car rental is at hey even have a specials and discounts page that might save you a little bit of money as well.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The beautiful flower garden.

It is sooo lush and beautiful outside and these gray clouds and gently falling rain seem to make it that much more so. Everything is all leafed out. We've been trimming the willow differently this year. Its graceful limbs drape over the pond and the raised walkway now. I cut the limbs a foot above the pond and a foot above the Japaneses Rose and Iris's planted directly under the Willow to keep them from looking crowded and to keep the limbs from hanging in the water. The others I cut to waist level. the ones hanging over the raised walkway I cut up high. I grab them and pull them down and then cut them so that they would only touch the head of a very tall person. the ones on the other side I leave at waist level creating an arched effect in the Willows canopy. Its very beautiful.

Structured Setllments

Do you know what a Structured Settlement is? Its a settlement from a court case or payments made from lottery winnings or something like that. Essentially its scheduled payments made from a larger sum of money over an allotted period of time. There are companies that will give you cash for your Structured Settlements but its never as much as you would have received if you had taken the payments. I guess this is how they make money doing it. This might seem like kind of a silly thing to do but there can be a number of reasons for taking less cash up front rather than structured payments. You may have medical bills that need to be payed off before they ruin your credit or you may have been living off of credit cards while waiting for an insurance company to make up its mind to pay you or not. We all know how they like to drag there feet when it comes to paying people what their owed. Maybe you have plans for the money like a business or an investment and although it can be very risky to take the payments in cash form for something like this sometimes its just necessary to take a risk.

One of these companies is called

In the garden

Its a muggy rainy day in Arkansas. The little gadget bar on my screen says 70 degrees and sunny but its definitely not sunny. I actually cooked today. I have chicken pepper pot in the crock pot and plans to start some homemade French bread at 5pm. I should probably cook a lot of French bread and stick it in the deep freeze.

For the garden I have planted thyme, tomatoes (mixed package), lemon and regular cucumbers, dew melons, cantaloupes, watermelon , nasturtiums (for making capers) and . . . It seems like I've planted something else too . . . Oh yeah, bell peppers (mixed colors of course). I'm still thinking about planting lettuce. I'd love to plant a package of mixed Chinese cabbages but I really don't have enough room thats in full sun to do that.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Answering Services

Back when business was better and I found myself writing little articles and advertisements from sun up to sometime past midnight each and every day of the week (those were the days). I thought about hiring an Answering Service for Bear's business. That way I didn't have to worry about dealing with his business calls because I really hated talking on the phone. Business went to crap with the economy though and our wonderful weather flooding the eastern part of the state made it worse. Its hard to make enough profit to live off of when 25% of your customers go out of businesses and another 25% are under water.

I know a man who "used" to have a full time carpet cleaning business and he used Answering Services. He didn't have anyone sitting at home to take his calls and he didn't carry a cell phone at that time. He has a part time job now too. When things improve I may look into an answering service though. Maybe something like They offer services 24 hours a day 7 days a week and have been in business since 1991. In these days of uncertainty it is comforting to know the business has been around that long

Monday, May 05, 2008

My husband just called me with some more wonderful news. It seems that gas has just jumped another 10 dollars a gallon. He has instructed me to go fill up my tank before it jumps at the pumps too. So much for feeling better about prices going down a little bit this weekend.

Bed Bugs!!!!!!

A few years ago during the hot summers months I woke up one morning to find myself covered in tiny little bites. My husband experienced the same problem. This occurred for a few nights and the problem just got worse and worse. Finally we determined we weren't getting these bites outside. We pulled the sheets and pillowcases off and threw them in the washing machine. Then we washed the pillows and comforter itself and took the vacuum cleaner to the bed. That solved our problem. About a week later I heard an add on the radio saying that bed bugs had made a comeback in this country and what to look out for. I can only assume we had bed bugs. I have no idea where they came from. A friend of mine talked to me a few months later about finding herself renting a bed bugs apartment and how she ended up having to break her lease because she couldn't get rid of them. Had I known about at the time I could have referred her there.

An update on me

I have little seedlings coming up all over the place on my plant shelf outside. Hollyhocks, cucumbers, 3 different kinds of melons, a mixed package of tomatoes, red and yellow hibiscus (to go with my mauve, lavender, and white ones) nasturtium, thyme, and basil. We've discussed planting potatoes but so far thats all we've done about the potatoes.

Despite the fact that many of my husbands customers in the mountains have either gone out of business or are going out of business due to high gas prices and the lack of tourist travel, and the fact that another large percentage are still underwater in the eastern part of the state we are getting reorders. There not enough to live on. It might total a few hundred dollars extra a month but they are reorders.

Were also looking at getting both of our cars converted to hydrogen hybrids at the end of the month when we get our stimuli's package. There is a guy in Little Rock who claims he can do it for 225 dollars per car and that it takes less than an hour. If your interested in learning more about this just go to From what I understand the amount of gas you save per mile depends on the weight of your car.

The part time job at wal-mart is going fine. I do enjoy the work. Its nice to be on my feet and working with my hands again. Especially since my feet don't hurt as bad as they used to. It amazing what a difference laying in a tanning bed made to my sore joints. Who would have thought. My biggest problem seems to be reminding my boss that this is a "part time" job. He keeps trying to get me to work more hours. Its nice to feel wanted, but its a struggle to keep up the blogs and the book store and work the 30 hours a week we agreed to. I can't possibly add more hours to that.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

America and bad credit

I wonder how many people there will be left in America with good credit after this whole mess is over. Certainly a lot less than before. I'm sure once this whole mess passes there will be a lot of banks and lending institutions out there willing to offer people bad credit loans at higher interest rates. Its the whole supply and demand thing I guess. The news can say all they want to about people borrowing more than they could afford, but when it gets more expensive to live and your income isn't increasing with the demand then you obviously have a problem. Gas prices rise and with that the cost of everything else we need goes up like electricity and food and other things we need to survive (ok we could survive without electricity, it would just suck). Your going to feed your family and pay your mortgage before you pay your credit card bills and when you can't pay your mortgage anymore your going to pay your car payment and buy groceries, after all you might loose your home but as long as you have a car you can still rent. If you can't get back and forth to work though your in trouble.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


About a year or two ago Bear tried to get me to get moredell memory for my computer. It was going to cost a ridiculous amount of money. According to him it required a certain kind and that memory was going to cost over 500 dollars it was ridiculous. I had to put my foot down and say no to that one. He sulked for a few hours and then forgot all about it. Just like a kid.
Oooh what a long night at work. My feet hurt. My back is sore. I wonder what it would take to get one of the kids to step on it for a little while.

We did have a little excitement though when a shop lifter got caught. She decided she wasn't going to go quietly. She screamed and yelled and it took 4 people to keep her from running out the door. She was pinned down into the floor and then got loose and then she was standing on a chair in the corner. They called the police and she was arrested for shoplifting and assault because she punched the girl that caught her and hit the people trying to restrain her repeatedly. An ambulance was called on the scene to and they were strapping her to it to take her away. I was told she was sedated.
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