Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bear's First Firework Show!!!

I am writing this post from the Clarion resort Hotel in Hot Springs. Bear and Squirrels show went off perfectly. There very excited about it. We took a video which will be uploaded onto you tube and I will be linking to it when its up. Today was a very nice day out of town and I look forward to being able to do this more often. The man they worked with tonight is going to throw shows there way that they aren't able to do. That's a minimum of 250 earned a show per person after expenses. I hope i get to go with them often. Its going to be hard to take days off with my part time job. I really wish my work at home was making the kind of money it used to make and not because I want to work full time from home again. I actually don't mind my part time job. But I do miss being able to go out and do things like this when I want too.

When we got here this morning we played miniature golf at a course with a pirate theme. it had a huge waterfall in the middle and little streams running all through it. One of the holes was in a man made cave underneath the giant waterfall. It was really hot and humid but so much fun. Then we went to lunch and I ended up going into the bathroom and throwing up afterward. The kids I think it was the tea. Tammy and the kids and I hung out at the hotels pool all day long and then we ate at the Olive garden for dinner. I didn't throw it up this time.

The hotel is very nice. I don't think I have ever stayed in a hotel this nice. One of these pillows is coming home with me one way or another. There feathers on onside and soft shredded foam on the other side. The comforters made from a shiny gold fabric and were very very soft and I suspect they were feather as well. The beds have mattress pads on them. The walls of the rooms were painted rust and gold. All of the hotels I have stayed in had really hard beds and pillows with plain bedspreads on them instead of actual comforters. They also had wall coverings that you would expect to see in doctors offices that haven't redecorated since the 70's. Our hotel also has a nice little pool and there was a bar by the pool where you could buy mixed drinks. There was also a boat dock off of the pool so you could pull your boat right up to the hotel in your boat. I had such a nice time. I hope to be able to get to do it again soon.

Despite bringing my laptop I wasn't able to write at all. Since its a holiday I only sold 1 book and didn't write any ads, nor was I able to work on my story any. I may have come up with the conflict between my protagonist and my antagonist that I was having so much trouble with. My antagonist is going to be a power hungry bitch who is threatened by people who may or may not be stronger than she is and that she can't control. A Witch is obviously something she would have a problem with. She is bent on revenge after her Lord is dethroned by the pirate that rescued the protagonist from the ocean after the prison ship she was on put her a drift when the spell she cast for seasickness backfired and left them dead in the water.


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